3 Telltale Signs Your Lack of Conversions Are Entirely Your Fault

Every eCommerce website owner wants the same thing: to increase sales and conversions. What are you doing to make it happen? Or, perhaps a fairer question would be this: Is your website standing in the way of its own success? If you’re like most site owners, you probably start the day by reviewing your website….

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Benefits of Faceted Search Navigation for E-Commerce Websites

Benefits of Faceted Search

Regardless of what your e-commerce store sells, your biggest opportunity to boost conversions likely lies in faceted search navigation. Search Spring research shows that faceted search can result in a 20% boost in conversions when compared with pull-down style or hierarchy style search. Let’s explore the characteristics of faceted search, how it benefits your customers…

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Agile vs Traditional Waterfall in Modern Web Design

agile vs waterfall

When most people think of the website development process, the waterfall approach still guides their decisions. But agile web development is proving to be a preferred methodology while revealing the flawed process of the traditional waterfall. Both the waterfall and agile methods share many of the same characteristics: they’re both process-based, they both require a…

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Design vs. SEO: How to Appeal to Both

Design vs SEO

Can a beautifully designed website exist without SEO? Can an optimized website convert without a well-designed UX? It’s an ongoing battle royale, and even digital experts don’t always agree on which is more important – or how they can live in harmony. Given the complexities of search engine optimization, trying to build a winning user…

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Bespoke Isn’t Better in eCommerce Development

agile ecommerce small

In a world of “handmade is cool”, it is easy to get caught up in the lure of “custom is better”. Who doesn’t want to be the guy in the office with the prestigious handcrafted eyewear? After all, someone consulted with him on his personal style and tastes, and spent 22 hours carving out the…

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Six Ways Good UX Can Improve Engagement on Your Site


If you truly need your website to work for your business, you’ll need to aim higher and go beyond certain fundamental principles. How Can UX Help With All That? In the hyper-competitive environment in which most e-commerce business owners find themselves, it’s tough to differentiate your store from the others. An important way to stand…

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