Miva: How to Display Selected Variant SKU on Master Product

Miva: Video Tutorial It’s important as a business owner to ensure you are staying on top of the latest shopping trends and website features. Being able to provide your customer with the best and most up to date shopping experience could mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned shopping basket. At Glendale Designs,…

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How to setup a Developer/Administrative User with Two-Factor Authentication in Miva

miva 2-factor setup

Supporting Docs: Miva Guide Two-Factor Authentication Setting up Two-Factor Authentication in your Store (Video) Authy App Steps store owners and developers have to take in order to give a developer access to the store admin. Store Owners: Log into your store admin – navigate to Home > Users Add a new user and fill in…

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Miva Abandoned Cart Feature

Abandoned Cart Tutorial

Customer Help/Instructions Feel free to use the following helpful instructions, if you had Glendale Designs install the  Miva abandoned cart functionality on your site. Keep in mind that these instructions are STORE specific and may be slightly different on your particular Miva store. Please contact us if you need help integrating the initial abandoned cart…

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How to pass the Customer Phone Number to Miva in PayPal Express

PayPal Phone to Miva

The default setting in PayPal is to NOT send the customer’s phone number back to Miva. Why? Who knows; but here is how to fix that. Login to your PayPal Account. Go to Profile > Profile and Settings > My Selling Tools > Click UPDATE on Website Preferences   Find “Contact Telephone Number” and make…

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Miva 9.7 – URI Management Bug Fix for Full HTTPS Stores

Miva Video Tutorial – Miva 9.7 – URI Management Bug Fix for Full HTTPS Stores. We show you how to fix your URL Prefix settings for full HTTPS stores to now be fully HTTPS. This addresses a bug fix release by Miva and is available to stores running Miva 9.7 or greater. If you would…

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How to Use URI Management

Miva Video Tutorial – Miva – How to Use URI Management Miva Merchant has a very powerful feature for dealing with links to all the pages, products and categories called URI Management. We show you the proper types of URIs to add and how to troubleshoot if things look strange. How can we help you?…

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