Miva: How to Display Selected Variant SKU on Master Product

Miva: Video Tutorial It’s important as a business owner to ensure you are staying on top of the latest shopping trends and website features. Being able to provide your customer with the best and most up to date shopping experience could mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned shopping basket. At Glendale Designs,…

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How to setup a Developer/Administrative User with Two-Factor Authentication in Miva

miva 2-factor setup

Supporting Docs: Miva Guide Two-Factor Authentication Setting up Two-Factor Authentication in your Store (Video) Authy App Steps store owners and developers have to take in order to give a developer access to the store admin. Store Owners: Log into your store admin – navigate to Home > Users Add a new user and fill in…

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E-Commerce Link Building Best Practices

link building

Links are powerful SEO juice for e-Commerce websites. There’s an art to creating a strong link architecture and leveraging internal and external links to get the most from your efforts. This mini guide covers some of the basics of link building that you can put to work today. Importance of Link Building in SEO Links…

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Miva: Adding jQuery to Shadows – Elements Framework Javascript Resources


Miva Video Tutorial The Miva Merchant Elements framework and Shadows ReadyTheme ships with the “Cash” Javascript library instead of jQuery. This is fine as-is but, a lot of 3rd party plugins have been developed over the years and they require jQuery. So as soon as you want to do something from your preferred toolbox you’ll…

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Miva: Product Exports vs Excel

Miva export leading zeros

Miva Video Tutorial: How to Import Data with Leading Zeros and Special Chars The dreaded product codes with leading zeros, custom fields for UPC codes, and avoiding data corruption with special characters from other languages like French and Spanish for example.  When importing these into Excel the zeros could be converted to a scientific notation or non…

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Miva Abandoned Cart Feature

Abandoned Cart Tutorial

Customer Help/Instructions Feel free to use the following helpful instructions, if you had Glendale Designs install the  Miva abandoned cart functionality on your site. Keep in mind that these instructions are STORE specific and may be slightly different on your particular Miva store. Please contact us if you need help integrating the initial abandoned cart…

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