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Glendale Designs UI & UX Design

Our talented design team doesn’t just focus on visual design elements. They also scrutinize how those elements will optimize your customers’ user experience and increase your conversion rates. We use UI/UX Design to guide your users through a carefully mapped out journey from landing page to checkout, and beyond.

The goal of the User Experience (UX) design process is to enhance user satisfaction through careful design. We strive to improve usability, accessibility, and enjoyability while users interact with your site. Branding, design, ease of use, flow, simplicity, fun, functionality, and planning all play a role in the process of turning site visitors into sales.

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To accomplish an optimal UX, we begin the process with wireframing and careful planning. We consider the Why, What, and How of your website to make informed decisions on how things need to look and function:

WHY… the motivations, values, and views of your website. Why are you the solution to your customers needs?

WHAT… your site functionality and the features it offers. What do you offer your customers that they can’t get anywhere else? 

HOW…the way in which users access your website and the aesthetic elements that make it possible. How can you make your customer’s experience on your website fruitful and enjoyable?

The goal of User Interface (UI) design is to make each user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible. Our UI Specialist maximizes usability throughout your site while also creating a visually stunning design. Graphics, colors, images and typography are utilized to support the usability and influence how your visitor experiences various interactions.

This is a delicate balance to achieve, as usability should never be sacrificed for visual appeal, and vice versa. Our goal is to accomplish a desirable UI design that’s both aesthetically pleasing and supportive of the UX design. All of our sites work within this symbiotic relationship to ensure your shoppers can experience the most you have to offer them, in a way that makes sense.


Creating a better and brighter experience for your users.