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Oftentimes, you as a store owner are at the mercy of your suppliers, manufacturers, and your bottom lines. While you may always want to give the shopper exactly what they want, in some cases, you do have to enforce certain restrictions on the products in your store. Selling in sets, lots, cases, or batches is a common one. Our developers have come up with a way to enforce this; it is low maintenance on your end, and a smooth experience for your shopper. Is our Incremental Quantity function just what you’ve been looking for?

Why Would I Need Incremental Quantity Functionality?

Not every store or product needs to have this functionality; for those that do, it dramatically improves the UI and decreases customer service time. 

Anyone who has owned or operated an online store knows that customers don’t always notice or adhere to instructions on the product pages (no matter how boldly they may be stated). This functionality removes the customer from the responsibility altogether. 

By setting your own incremental quantity guidelines, the shopper only has the option of making the purchase in accordance with those rules. No more having to cancel orders, process additional payments, or calm upset customers because you can’t process the quantity they purchased.

This functionality can make sure your purchase orders are exact. It’s particularly useful if you dropship your products and don’t have the opportunity to store extras.

How Does the Incremental Quantity Function Work?

Once the code is installed on your site, you’ll be able to specify the lot size of any product. This is controlled on a per-product basis for granular control of your catalog and complete flexibility. 

In this example, we’ve set the quantity increment to 50. The product is sold in boxes of 50 because of supplier indications, but the items are priced individually.

Instead of just indicating in the product description that the product must be purchased in increments of 50, our code enforces it. When the customer clicks on the – or + buttons to change the quantity, it automatically applies the increment. 

Incremental Quantity tool

If the shopper tries to bypass this by editing the text box, it snaps to the closest increment of 50. 

Incremental Quantity tool

Once the product has been added to the basket, the same functionality prevents the shopper from increasing or decreasing the amount outside of the increments.

It seems like a simple solution to a common nagging issue. And that’s exactly how it should look: simple and easy! A smooth improvement to your UI/UX and fewer customer service calls makes this little piece of functionality the perfect addition to your store! Contact us today about setting up incremental quantities on your site. 

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