Glendale Designs is like finding a needle in a haystack. They are everything and more!!!!

Glendale Designs has immense strategy and development expertise and I’ve relied on the team numerous times to help plan and execute complex projects.

Honesty and integrity is par for the course. In the many years of working with GD, they have never padded bills, always charging reasonable rates for effective and efficient work.

I’ve worked with dozens of dev and design shops over the past two decades. I just wish we found Glendale Designs sooner!

Richard Pollack by Richard Pollack


Our ecommerce business is around 20 years old. We’ve been on Miva since the very early days. Over the years, we’ve had a lot of customizations done to the website and over time it became extremely difficult to manage. Glendale overhauled our website and made it a modern and responsive website. It was a complicated job and it required a tremendous amount of attention to details. Glendale did an outstanding job. I was super anxious about this project and the Glendale team came through for me. Sabine did a full survey of our website (at the start) and caught even the smallest details and nuances of the website. As a result of this upgrade, the functionality of the website is far to superior to the old site. Thanks to Sabine and her team. I would highly recommend Glendale to anyone either on Miva or starting on Miva.

Project: PartyInnovations.com – Miva Custom Development

Jeff Sadowsky by Jeff Sadowsky


Sabine and the entire team at Glendale Designs is top notch and fantastic to work with – truly Miva experts, at a time when we needed them most. The project management is incredibly thorough and timelines are clearly communicated. Simply the best dev partner we could’ve asked for… thank you!

Marc Mutchler by Marc Mutchler


We have had a fantastic experience working with Sabine and the team at Glendale Designs. They have worked with us through a website rebuild as well as maintenance and upgrades to other existing sites. Their professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail have earned our confidence and I consider them a valued extension of our team.

Josh Pappas by Josh Pappas


After working with several different web developers over the past 20 years I will say Glendale Designs has proven to be the most knowledgeable, skilled and professional team. On top of that they are honest, fair, and reasonable in their recommendations. Finally they are genuinely nice people! I thoroughly recommend them.

Celia Barberes by Celia Barberes


Sabine and team were fantastic to work with! Their project management skills were top notch and their attention to detail was great. Would highly recommend.

Andrew Scherr by Andrew Scherr


The team at Glendale Design was very professional and made the entire project very painless. Their ability to communicate and keep our team as well as their team on the same page was the key to the build. The project scope was clearly defined and organized and their project management system made it very easy to keep the entire project on track.

Project: Bossshotshells.com – Miva eCommerce Replatforming Development

Zach Meyer by Zach Meyer


After interviewing many agencies across multiple platforms, Glendale Designs quickly built confidence and earned our trust that they were team to deliver our new website. Our technical needs were great, and GD helped ensure our new website not only solved our shipping and merchandising challenges, but also managed to smoothly migrate all our years of data. On top of this, they created a fresh new design that effectively communicates our brand and value props, and we are super proud of it. We will continue to utilize their expertise and I highly personally recommend GD for your website build or replatforming—Glendale Designs is a best in class agency.

Project: Ironmaster.com – Miva eCommerce Custom Development

Brian LaCourse by Brian LaCourse


James and Sabine are both truly a dream to work with—their passion for creating the best product comes through in every interaction, in every suggestion, and in every conversation.  The passion and patience was incredible—I can’t imagine working with anyone else.  James’ patience blows me away, he’s always there to answer a question, resolve a problem or just to cheer us on.  We can’t thank them enough.  

Project: SilverLiningRiding.org – Charitable WordPress Development

Stefani Wong by Stefani Wong


I do not generally write reviews, but… We have been involved in e-commerce since 1998. We are running our site on Miva and we have been supported by Sabine and Glendale Designs for many years. I consider their whole team as friends who assist us in any way they can. They listen, they implement and everything looks and works as it should!

5-Stars, 2 Thumbs Up

You cannot go wrong with this team.

Project: OutdoorsForLess.com – Miva Ecommerce Design

Greg S. Maranto by Greg S. Maranto


I have known Sabine and Glendale Designs for over 12 years. They built my first website at www.alohahawaiianflowers.com which was amazing and lasted about 12 years. I contracted with them again after doing my research of other developers, deciding that Glendale Designs was the best option. I am so glad that I did! Sabine, James, Christine, and the team at Glendale Designs did an amazing job with my new website and I couldn’t be happier!

Once again they hit it out of the ballpark with a beautiful site. Their team is concise and precise and so “on top of it” with every detail. I was never left in the dark wondering what was going on. I received daily communication. They understood my needs and were very timely in their responses. Highly recommend! Thanks to the team at Glendale Designs!

Project: AlohaHawaiianFlowers.com – Miva eCommerce Budget-Conscious Build

Colleen Ashton by Colleen Ashton


Glendale Designs has been not only an invaluable partner of ours from a business growth standpoint but from a place of friendship as well. Glendale’s level of perfection and care that goes into each and every project are not easily found. I appreciated every single interaction and project that we have worked on, I am certain future cases will stay the same as long as Sabine and her team are holding the wheel.

Eli Freedman by Eli Freedman


It is not easy to bring in an outside development & design firm when you run a tiny niche ecommerce outfit .. and have been going it pretty much alone the last 20+ years. What I have with involving Glendale is a small but highly professional and experienced team. Not only do they know the Miva product inside out, Sabine and team have been extremely valuable in providing that fresh – outsider looking in – feedback everyone needs.

Patrick Denayer by Patrick Denayer


Glendale Design is a perfect Miva consultant company, it is not too big but has all the needed resources to finish the job – from design, coding, function and add features to the stores, you name it and they will give you an answer. They are also very all-around I mean lots of consultants are just good on certain areas, but GD also knows about Google Ads, SEO, Blogs……they are very fast too, Sabine is on top of everything.

Also they are very reasonable priced too, they are not super cheap but ROI is excellent, they delivery their service on time and all things they did for you work.

I call GD “Swiss Army” of Miva platform agency, I think together we can have long prospect relationship to build better customer experience.

Dave Chai by Dave Chai


Great company with an amazing team of developers. I challenge someone to stump them. They figured out the correct way to set up a very complex attribute in less than three hours when other companies told me it can’t be done. I highly recommend Glendale Designs. Very friendly, courteous and smart employees.

Daniel McConnell by Daniel McConnell


We’re extremely pleased with the work Glendale Designs performed on our website recently, we use the Miva Merchant platform. The site had gotten old and stale and was not functioning at a level that was satisfactory. As expected, the redesign took several months with lots of back and forth communication throughout the process. Sabine and Christine were wonderful to work with and were available to answer any and all questions and concerns we had along the way, they continue to assist us with any issues on which we need assistance. Glendale Designs is a professional, highly responsive company.


Project: CamdenGrey.com – Miva Ecommerce Development

Vivian Garcia by Vivian Garcia


Sabine and Glendale Designs has been a pleasure to work with. They were able to help us bring our very popular community based website features and functionality into our new platform. Most importantly, they are reliable and treat you as if they were building something for themselves. Good people, highly recommend their company.

Project: WingStuff.com – Miva Ecommerce Design

Rick Arnoldo by Rick Arnoldo


I’ve been working with Sabine and her team for many years now. They’re top notch web designers and graphic artists who go above and beyond to build a site that not only functions flawlessly but looks great too!

After having multiple issues with my old site, i contacted Sabine for a complete rebuild. She took the time to explain to me about the importance of redirecting links and structuring the site correctly. She worked within my budget to create a site that is secure, fast, reliable, mobile friendly and very sleek! Mansoura Bakery

Project: Mansoura.com – Miva Ecommerce Design

Jack Mansoura by Jack Mansoura


Sabine, Thank you for all your hard word on our new site project. Thanks fo all your Miva knowledge, site design / maintenance, your ability to manage and lead your team along with your forward thinking. The site really came out great. Thank you for putting up with my many changes and all the pressure with launching fast.

Thank you again! Very grateful for you and your team. – Josiah Gallo

Project: LazerDesigns.com – Miva Ecommerce Customization & Design

Josiah Gallo by Josiah Gallo


I have relied on Sabine’s expertise several times over the last two years and will continue to do so in the future. Sabine expresses great personality, patience and most importantly excellent communication skills. She is someone that I trust in both her knowledge but also her integrity.

Curtis Liles by Curtis Liles


Sabine and Glendale Designs are very professional eCommerce Specialists they have been helping us for years with Miva, always with a can do attitude. We have used their services to design custom functionality for our online store, integrations with third parties and much more. I truly appreciate their input, expertise and analytical vision of an online business. Sabine and Glendale Designs are a very valuable asset for any business looking to navigate today’s landscape as it relate to eCommerce, online marketing and technologies.

Alexis Martin by Alexis Martin


The entire Glendale Designs team is so wonderful to work with! They have been our go-to company for many years now when we need any kind of assistance with our website that we might not be able to manage on our own – from web design, consulting on various aspects of E-Commerce practices, support and maintenance as well as general inquiries. They are amply available whenever we need, which is so refreshing. Their knowledge and expertise, especially with Miva Merchant, has come a long way for us. We plan on using them for years to come.

Nancy Tyska by Nancy Tyska


Retro Planet’s site was in need of a facelift. Glendale Designs came to our rescue and created a fun responsive look and feel. Functionality improved tremendously and our extremely sad mobile site is now responsive and our sales/conversions increased immediately (50% conversion rate increase). Can’t say enough about working with the Glendale Designs team. Professional, prompt, detailed and also fun! Thank you again for all of your hard work.  Maria at RetroPlanet.com

Project: RetroPlanet.com – Miva Customization & Design

Maria Hayden by Maria Hayden


Glendale Designs is my “go-to” destination for our website. They helped to build our current website and it has been a huge success. It was a big investment and the GD team delivered. Even during the tricky times they were able to fix and modify things as needed. I currently rely on them for any updates, designs, revisions, and builds. I also appreciate that Glendale Designs is honest and says “that’s a bad idea.” I value their insight.

Project: SuncoastParts.com – Miva Custom Design & Development

Ric Knab by Ric Knab


I cannot say enough GOOD THINGS about the Glendale Designs team! They’re responsive, thorough and just great to work with. BuyChimes has worked with Glendale through numerous website redesigns over the years. They’re consistently fresh and honest in their approach to site design and customization. I appreciate their willingness to kindly suggest a better solution at the outset of a functionality conversation – rather than investing resources (time, energy, money) into an approach that has little chance of success. Would heartily recommend!

Project: BuyChimes.com – Miva Ecommerce Customization

Carolyn Strong by Carolyn Strong


I can’t say enough about Sabine and her team in their detailed work re-inventing/ re-creating our website. She is insightful in the needs of her customers and their customer’s needs. They made our site more customer friendly, faster and easier to check out. Sabine is organized and makes instructions easy to follow and apply. Sabine and Glendale Designs are great to work with and we look look forward to our continuing partnership.

Bridgett Solley by Bridgett Solley


Glendale Designs has been wonderful to work with. They bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity and are very prompt and courteous in communications. I have come to trust them to handle things without having to worry that something will be missed. A true pleasure to work with!

Dave Wilson by Dave Wilson


While building a brand new store from ground up is no small task in and of itself, that was NOT my primary concern in choosing her and Glendale as my partner. My #1 concern was FOLLOW ON support.

I can honestly say that I have been VERY SATISFIED with her performance and wouldn’t have any reservations whatsoever in recommending her or Glendale Designs to anyone else looking for Web Development. I fully expect to keep them on as a long term contractor for my several companies!

Christopher Parrett by Christopher Parrett


As always, Glendale Designs was fantastic to deal with. We’ve used Glendale Design on multiple occasions for website changes and have used their services for two major website overhauls. If you need ANY web work done I highly recommend using Glendale Designs. They are always professional and willing to give you their honest opinion and recommendations. Work is done efficiently and timely. If there are any issues they are quick to respond and help. Great work! I look forward to using your services in the future.

Project: WeddingFavours.ca – Miva Ecommerce Design

Christine Rozon by Christine Rozon

Andrew McGibbon Photography

Sabine Sharp and Glendale Designs have done various projects for our company over the past 10 years. I’ve found my experience with Sabine exemplary. She is friendly and knowledgeable. She stays current with present technologies and always seem to have her ear to the ground for the next great thing.

Andrew C. McGibbon by Andrew C. McGibbon

Software Architect & Developer

I needed to create a logo for my new business and chose Glendale Designs. What a great decision it was. Their customer service was excellent and most importantly they created a great logo. I definitely recommend them to others.

Baron Smith by Baron Smith


Sabine and her company Glendales Designs has helped my company redesign an ancient website www.silkflowers.net into a cutting edge web 2.0 website integrated with the MIVA shopping cart. The website has all the bells and whistles you would expect from an amazon.com or zappos.com level website with an even better look and feel. If you are integrating with MIVA, glendale designs is the company to hire to build your sites. Doug Hopeman

Doug Hopeman by Doug Hopeman


I chose Sabine / Glendale Designs to help me with a major overhaul of our websites, DeliciousBoutique.com and DeliciousCorsets.com. The project entailed upgrading our store from Miva 4 to Miva 5.5 as well as combining our two previous sites into one brand new site that would allow each department to maintain it’s own identity.

Sabine and her team did an amazing job of capturing the look and feel we were going for, actually utilizing many design elements from our brick and mortar store into the design of our new website! They successfully created an elegant solution which allowed us to retain our existing logos and branding elements from both Delicious Corsets and Delicious Boutique within one site.

In addition to the outstanding design work, there were several unique custom function challenges which Sabine was relentless in solving. Great communication along the way allowed me to see the direction things were heading at each step.

I can highly recommend Sabine for her quality of work and creativity at solving unusual challenges. I will be looking to Glendale Designs for more help with a site overhaul and development very soon!

Psydde Delicious by Psydde Delicious


We used Sabine for a complete redesign of our website. The difference is night and day. We LOVE the design of our new website, thanks to Sabine and James at Glendale Designs. Just check out our site and you’ll see why we do–it’s outstanding! They also helped us resolve some back-end functionality issues on the redesigned site that were not part of their responsibility, going above and beyond.

–Fiona Marissa, Principal, BetterEdit.com.

Fiona Marissa by Fiona Marissa

Jo Ellen Verna

Sabine is a creative designer and very knowledgeable in Miva Merchant. Her work is clean, attractive and delivered in a timely manner. We would recommend Sabine to others interested in using her services.

Jo Ellen Verna by Jo Ellen Verna

Gone Bananas Studios

Sabine and her team were great to work with. Great communication and on-time delivery. Highly recommended!

Brian M A by Brian M A


We were having trouble with a piece of software not connecting to Google properly during checkout. Glendale Designs saved the day by digging deep into our eCommerce store’s settings to isolate the problem. When no solutions were available, they dug even deeper. When no solutions were found at this point, they used creative thinking to resolve the issue in an expeditious manner. I am very grateful for their time and energy solving a problem that I could not figure out myself. Thank you so much!

Carlos Rivera by Carlos Rivera

FOSCO Fiber Optics

Glendale Designs is the expert on Miva design/development. I would definitely have them do my Miva project in the future! Keep up the good work, Sabine!

Colin Yao by Colin Yao


My company, Northside Tattoos, contracted Sabine and James Sharp of Glendale Designs to design our website. I came across them by admiring the design of a local company’s website and noticing Glendale’s contact info at the bottom of the home page. I showed the website to my husband we immediately knew this was the company we had to contract to design our website. From the first phone call all the way through the launch of our website, we could not be happier with their service.

Since we had never been through this process before they explained everything in a way that was easily understood, gave us timelines of what work we had to do to in order keep us organized and focused, suggested options we hadn’t thought of that made our site more effective and did all of this with patience.

On so many occasions the entire team at Glendale Designs went above and beyond what our expectations were. We will definitely work with them again in the future as our needs evolve and have already referred them to friends. We feel so fondly toward Sabine and James that if we’re ever in Arizona we will look them up and take them out to dinner. We truly consider them new friends, that’s how they have treated us from the start. We feel we have one of the best websites in our industry now thanks to Glendale Designs.

All the best,
Matt and Amber Stankis

Amber Wesser by Amber Wesser


The folks at Glendale Designs possessed the patience, proficiency and professionalism necessary to move our Website from concepts & mock-ups to completion. If you intend to use MIVA for your e-commerce store, I haven’t found any other company with a better combination of value, expertise, clear communication, honest business, and the creativity for us to market our business the way we need to. Without saying, we plan to continue working with them in the future.

Adam Lefever by Adam Lefever

Emory University

I’ve known Sabine of Glendale Designs for a while through the Miva Merchant community, and they’ve used many of our products in the past for their own clients. Recently we had the opportunity to return the business for handling full custom graphics and design for one of our high end clients.

In short – Sabine is fantastic to work with. Glendale produces high quality design, delivers on time and on budget and their team is very knowledgeable with Miva Merchant. Thanks Sabine – great work! We will definitely use Glendale services again when the opportunity arises.

Jamie Harrell by Jamie Harrell


I recommend Sabine as a very professional person who delivers on time and in budget. Working with Sabine is always a pleasure and I hope we will work on many projects to come.

Andreas Toman by Andreas Toman

Cole Financial Consulting

Sabine is a valued member of my professional resource team. She built my website to meet my specifications and offered creative ideas beyond what I had envisioned. She set me up with cost effective and reliable hosting services and with the software for me to easily update my site. Sabine is also readily available to make any updates that require technical skill. I am happy to have chosen Glendale Designs for my website work.

Jennifer J. Cole by Jennifer J. Cole

Trafalgar Square Books

I can highly recommend Sabine for web site design and Miva set-up and maintenance. She delivers on time and her support into the future is exceptional good.

by Martha Cook

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