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Consulting & Planning

We offer eCommerce solutions. But what you’re really after is eCommerce sales. And we’ll do whatever it takes to get your store up, noticed and profitable.

To get you there, we’ll analyze your entire operation to help you double-down on your strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and take the greatest possible advantage of all available opportunities.

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UI & UX Design

We offer Ecommerce solutions. But what you’re really after is Ecommerce sales. And we’ll do whatever it takes to get your store up, noticed and profitable.

To get you there, we’ll analyze your entire operation to help you double-down on your strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and take the greatest possible advantage of all available opportunities.

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At its core, a well-optimized Ecommerce website is a fine-tuned sales funnel, converting traffic to conversions. And we’re here to help you analyze that traffic and leverage critical user data in order to drive the most qualified leads to your sales funnel.

We specialize in search-engine-friendly design and SEO to drive organic (free!) traffic to your site. However, few stores can thrive on this free traffic alone. When you need more clicks, we offer ROI-driven Paid Search/Social management for Google AdWords, Google Shopping, Bing Ads and Facebook.

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Your site has been crafted and tailored to represent your vision, but maintaining that fresh feel can be a full-time job all on its own. Many store owners don’t have the time, patience, or desire to manage the small day-to-day maintenance required to keep the site running smoothly, and keep the customers happy. Now you can free up your valuable time by shifting these tasks into our waiting hands.

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You want a responsive, results-driven Ecommerce website. Your users want to intuitively navigate products, content and the all-important checkout process. We’ll leverage our expertise in responsive design to give you a sleek, shoppable site that converts users into customers on all devices.

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You know you have a killer business. But your customers won’t agree until they can find you online and experience it for themselves.

And we’ll do whatever it takes to get you noticed by the people who are actively looking for what you offer.

Our copywriting team looks at your entire business, from the products you sell to the people who buy them, to not only optimize your content for search, but also convince your audience to convert.

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GD Miva Customizations

You’ve chosen Miva as your platform because it’s powerful and comes loaded with a lot of useful features. But as many of us were store owners and operators, we have special insight into exactly what’s missing.

The Glendale team members work together to come up with, and fine tune, customizations for the Miva platform. These modifications are built to be tailored to your site, help increase your sales, and allow you to run your business more efficiently.

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Technical SEO

Our technical SEO experts will help make sure your site is up to date with all of the latest (and constantly evolving) search engine requirements. By keeping your site current, we can help ensure your SEO health, and work with you to build your ranking.

Our extensive checklist will help ensure that your site achieves and maintains speed, security, and searchability.

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Client Testimonials

I have known Sabine and Glendale Designs for over 12 years. They built my first website at which was amazing and lasted about 12 years. I contracted with them again after doing my research of other developers, deciding that Glendale Designs was the best option. I am so glad that I did! Sabine, James, Christine, and the team at Glendale Designs did an amazing job with my new website and I couldn’t be happier!

Once again they hit it out of the ballpark with a beautiful site. Their team is concise and precise and so “on top of it” with every detail. I was never left in the dark wondering what was going on. I received daily communication. They understood my needs and were very timely in their responses. Highly recommend! Thanks to the team at Glendale Designs!

Colleen Ashton by Colleen Ashton

Glendale Designs has been not only an invaluable partner of ours from a business growth standpoint but from a place of friendship as well. Glendale’s level of perfection and care that goes into each and every project are not easily found. I appreciated every single interaction and project that we have worked on, I am certain future cases will stay the same as long as Sabine and her team are holding the wheel.

Eli Freedman by Eli Freedman

It is not easy to bring in an outside development & design firm when you run a tiny niche ecommerce outfit .. and have been going it pretty much alone the last 20+ years. What I have with involving Glendale is a small but highly professional and experienced team. Not only do they know the Miva product inside out, Sabine and team have been extremely valuable in providing that fresh – outsider looking in – feedback everyone needs.

Patrick Denayer by Patrick Denayer

Glendale Design is a perfect Miva consultant company, it is not too big but has all the needed resources to finish the job – from design, coding, function and add features to the stores, you name it and they will give you an answer. They are also very all-around I mean lots of consultants are just good on certain areas, but GD also knows about Google Ads, SEO, Blogs……they are very fast too, Sabine is on top of everything.

Also they are very reasonable priced too, they are not super cheap but ROI is excellent, they delivery their service on time and all things they did for you work.

I call GD “Swiss Army” of Miva platform agency, I think together we can have long prospect relationship to build better customer experience.

Dave Chai by Dave Chai

Meet our Creative Team

Glendale Designs consists of talented individuals who have been working in the Internet field for years.



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Strategies & Solutions



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UI/UX Design

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We utilize the best eCommerce platforms to make your online services flourish.