6 E-Commerce Marketing Elements Every Website Needs


What e-commerce marketing elements will contribute to your website’s highest performance? Every website is composed of thousands of little details that contribute to the user experience. Some factors subtly encourage users to buy. Others are more obvious. Regardless, you want to remove as much guesswork as possible when deciding which elements will give you the…

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7 Takeaways from Cyber Monday 2018’s Record-Breaking Sales

Take Aways Cyber Monday 2018

With another Cyber Monday in the rearview mirror, it’s clear that this unofficial holiday is a force to be reckoned with. The Monday after Thanksgiving has been steadily shortening Black Friday’s lead as the largest single shopping day of the year. But while it hasn’t quite taken over the day-after-Thanksgiving behemoth, Cyber Monday 2018 still…

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8 Ways to Build Trust on Your E-Commerce Site

Trust e-Commerce Site

People don’t buy from websites based on looks alone. Or do they? It’s arguable that pretty graphics and visuals are only part of what attracts conversions. But the presence or absence of trust factors play a vital role in whether a website visitor converts or heads straight to your competitor. Trust elements add major value…

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Benefits of Faceted Search Navigation for E-Commerce Websites

Benefits of Faceted Search

Regardless of what your e-commerce store sells, your biggest opportunity to boost conversions likely lies in faceted search navigation. Search Spring research shows that faceted search can result in a 20% boost in conversions when compared with pull-down style or hierarchy style search. Let’s explore the characteristics of faceted search, how it benefits your customers…

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Miva – Add California PROP65 Dynamic Display during Checkout

It can be difficult to get crucial information to customers while shopping online. Information can vary by product and/or state making it especially impossible to get the right message to those who need it. An example is PROP65 – California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act. The law was introduced to help consumers make…

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How to Choose a Content Writer for Your E-commerce Blog

content writer

Anyone can be an e-commerce content writer, right? All you do is put words into sentences and convince people to buy your products. That’s about as true as the idea that e-commerce is just about listing products on your website and watching the sales roll in. Just like the e-commerce industry, writing for an e-commerce…

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