What Is a Canonical Meta Tag and How Should It Be Used?

It’s no secret that Google and other search engines frown on duplicate content. When they crawl multiple URLs with strikingly similar content, it can create a whole list of SEO issues (more on this in a moment). But sometimes, you’re going to have repeat content on your e-commerce website. Canonical meta tags were developed to…

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Custom Gift Wrapping Options Available in One Neat Package

As a business owner, you put a lot of effort into offering your customers something really special.  From your site to the products you offer, you’ve made the shopping experience comfortable, convenient, and tailored to suit their needs. You can now take that service one step further to provide your customers the option of gift…

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How to Use Meta Tags to Strengthen Your SEO

Though your customers will never see them, meta tags are essential to your website. They’re one of the driving factors in your search rankings and can help ensure crawlers understand the content on your website. Let’s look at what meta tags are and how you should be using them to strengthen your SEO. What Are…

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Having Problems With 3rd Party Suppliers Inventory Sync with Miva?

Out-of-date stock statuses can be a huge problem for online shops that rely on inventory from third-party suppliers. Having an item labelled as available or in-stock when, in fact, the supplier is out of said item leads to headaches for the customer service team, unhappy shoppers, and worse yet, an unreliable reputation for the store….

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Your Guide to 404s and How It Affects Your E-Commerce Website

It happens to the best of us. You go to click a link, thinking it’s exactly what you were looking for, then—BAM! You’re facing a page with a glaring 404 on it, not the awesome content you were hoping to discover. This is a common occurrence in e-commerce websites especially. As old products are phased…

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You’ve Earned a Backlink! Here’s What to Do Next to Maximize Its Impact

link building

Backlinks aren’t always easy to come by. If you’ve earned one, you’ll want to savor the moment and maximize this opportunity to grow your business. You might be thinking: What’s there to do? If someone gives me a backlink, it just exists. Why do I have to do anything? That’s where a lot of marketers…

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