How To Create and Use Miva 10 Attribute Templates

Miva 10 Attribute Templates

This article will explain the purpose and use of attribute templates, as well as how to manage them in Miva 10. Product attributes allow you to offer customizations for you shoppers, without having to create a different product for every possible combination. This means you get to keep your product catalog succinct and orderly, providing […]

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Miva 10 Walkthrough to Guide Store Owners

Glendale Designs Miva 10 Walkthrough

Miva has released the newest big update to the platform! This is a Miva 10 walkthrough, to guide store owners through the new changes to the interface and functionalities. Miva 10 has been a much-anticipated update to the eCommerce platform, and has been in production for about 3 years. The 10th generation was expected to […]

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7 Google Analytics Alternatives For Your Site

Google Analytics Alternatives

The subject of Google and their ever-growing suite of products comes up on a regular basis in tech and eCommerce blogs. And it’s no wonder! Their ability to track and collect data is massive, and having a net worth of about $1 Trillion means they have endless resources to develop those systems. But that doesn’t […]

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5 Marketing Tips to Increase Orders This Holiday Season

Marketing Tips to Increase Holiday Season Orders

The holiday shopping season has a way of sneaking up on us, and before you know it, you’re ankle deep in orders but wishing you’d had time to do more. Now is that time! This will be an unprecedented year for holiday shopping, and no one is really sure what’s going to happen. You also […]

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A/B Testing: Is it Right For You?

A/B Testing: Is it Right For You?

Regardless of your industry, you’ll never be able to escape trends that change the way you’re expected to do business. Like trends in clothing, some are worthwhile staples that will never fully go out of fashion like a dark, tailored blazer. And some are mustard-colored corduroy bell-bottoms; fly-by-night fads that seem like a good idea […]

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Scheduled Pickup and Delivery On Your Miva Store

Pickup and delivery module checkout

Miva has released a new module that will allow store owners to offer scheduled pickup and delivery for their products. We are going to explore that module, and how we chose to modify it to suit our client’s needs. Having a website for your business has been standard protocol for years now. Customers have come […]

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How To Become the Most Improved Website of the Year

Most Improved Website

In August, we were honored to learn that the site outlined below was the recipient of Miva’s 2020 Blades Award for Most Improved Website. Let’s take a look at how we were able to breathe fresh life into a struggling website. Early in 2019, a small family-owned business approached us looking for a website upgrade. […]

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How to Remove Products Without Hurting Your SEO

Remove products without hurting seo

In the day-to-day workings of your site, you will likely need to remove products from your online catalog. They fall out of fashion, the manufacturer stops producing, or you choose to stop selling for some other reason. Regardless of the “why”, the “how” may be more involved than you think, especially if you want to […]

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How to Use Recommended Product Sections Effectively

Recommended Product Section

Recommended product sections can give your shoppers a carefully curated look into the rest of your product catalog… if they’re used correctly.  UI/UX developers and designers work diligently to create a balance on your website. They need to be sure your shoppers are being provided all the necessary information and options (which can be plentiful!) […]

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Should You Update Your Miva Store?

Should I update Miva?

Glendale Designs has worked with Miva products since… well, since before Miva was Miva. Back before the fancy interface and the store-owner usability, the owners of Glendale Designs have been building with it. As such mainstays in the Miva community, it’s no wonder we field the same questions again and again when it comes to […]

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