Stay Compliance: Privacy Laws & ADA Accessibility

A lock with data bread written on it. Termageddon adds protection with Privacy Policy, Terms, Conditions & Disclaimers

Data breaches among large corporations are all too common nowadays. Protect your business by prioritizing ADA compliance and staying updated on evolving privacy laws with Termageddon. As a website owner, it’s crucial to remain vigilant about potential issues affecting you, even amidst your daily responsibilities, as legal changes may not always be immediately apparent. At […]

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Core Web Vitals: What You Need To Focus on With Google’s Update

doctor with stethoscope with phone in hands

Update Google has announced that they will be pushing back the roll-out of the new core update until mid-June. What will this mean for you? They are simply giving everyone a little more time to adjust their websites and acclimated to the new user experience expectations. The update will begin to take effect in mid-June, […]

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Weekly Security Checkup Issues with Miva 10 and How To Fix Them

Weekly Security Checkup

If you’re a Miva store owner/operator, by this point you’ve likely updated your site to the new Miva 10, or one of it’s later version updates (now up to Miva 10.00.06!). If you’re not a Miva store owner/operator, you aren’t going to have much use for this article…but you’re welcome to stick around! If you […]

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Website Maintenance: Checking Your Site on a Regular Basis

Website Maintenance: Checking Your Site on a Regular Basis

We’ve written before stressing the point that a successful site is not “set it and forget it”. In order to maintain your SEO rank, industry reliability, and relevancy to your shoppers, you need to be constantly updating. But, good news: website maintenance doesn’t need to be a daily chore, or take days on end to […]

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CBD Businesses Are High-Risk. Why?

CBD is a high-risk industry

The internet (and subsequent online shopping) has opened a lot of doors when it comes to product and information accessibility. People are now able to educate themselves about things that were once too taboo to talk about openly. Like CBD for instance – a cannabis derivative. Depending on your local laws, these subjects may still […]

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Sales Tax 101 for eCommerce

Sales Tax 101 with TaxJar and Glendale Designs

There are parts of running an online store that are a lot of fun, and allow you to be creative and free. And then there are some parts that aren’t so fun, but they are very necessary. You know the old saying about taxes and death… well, we can at least help you with the […]

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Ensure Legal Accessibility in One Step

Braille Writer and a laptop demonstrating web accessibility

If you don’t have a disability that might hinder your experience, you may not even realize that accessibility on the internet is a real problem for a lot of people – 15% of the population. […]

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Update Your Terms of Service to Protect Yourself

Hands signing a Terms of Service contract

When it comes to online retail, there can be a lot of grey-area for the shopper. It can result in some seriously negative feelings on the part of the customer and the retailer if the Terms of Service isn’t clear and comprehensive. […]

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