Agile vs Traditional Waterfall in Modern Web Design

agile vs waterfall

When most people think of the website development process, the waterfall approach still guides their decisions. But agile web development is proving to be a preferred methodology while revealing the flawed process of the traditional waterfall. Both the waterfall and agile methods share many of the same characteristics: they’re both process-based, they both require a…

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Ecommerce for Automotive Parts: Keys to Success

It’s no longer optional. Your auto-parts business needs a professional, easy to navigate, responsive ecommerce solution in order to compete. That said, you need an easy to use, non-techie solution to grow your business online without sacrificing what you do best. Here’s your owner’s manual for parts ecommerce done right.   THE BASICS: ATTRACTIVENESS AND…

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Miva – Optimized Search Facet User Experience

Customization on Miva Sites We have added optimized programming and much nicer user experience to Miva’s built-in facets. Contact Us to learn how we can add faceted search on your Miva site!     Miva Built In Facets GD Customized Facets Page reloads each time the user clicks a facet. Uses Web 2.0 technologies to…

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Miva – How to Display Selected Variant SKU and Other Data on Master Product Page

Miva Customization – Miva – How to Display Selected Variant SKU and Other Data on Master Product Page. We can display the variant data like sku, description, price, and name based on the currently selected product attributes. This is custom programming and not part of the default Miva ReadyTheme. We can add this programming to…

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