Keywords for E-Commerce: SEO Primer

keyword for ecommerce

Behind every successful E-commerce website are elements that go well beyond your product pages. It’s not just about offering products and services that people want – they must be able to find your website and discover what you’re offering first. Keywords are like the roadmap that gets users from search query to your website. Use…

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Design vs. SEO: How to Appeal to Both

Design vs SEO

Can a beautifully designed website exist without SEO? Can an optimized website convert without a well-designed UX? It’s an ongoing battle royale, and even digital experts don’t always agree on which is more important – or how they can live in harmony. Given the complexities of search engine optimization, trying to build a winning user…

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How to Optimize your eCommerce Product Pages for Search Engines

Optimize ecommerce product pages

Search engine optimization isn’t just for blog posts and informational sites. A healthy e-Commerce website should apply SEO best practices to their category and ideally their individual product pages to increase traffic, click-throughs, and, ultimately, conversions. It’s not as easy or obvious as it sounds. Aside from using keywords, the way you display your products…

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How to Leverage User Generated Content for SEO Fuel

Optimizing your e-commerce website for search engines can be grueling, time-devouring, brain-draining work. At times, you may feel like you spend more time blogging, doing keyword research, and tweaking your website than actually selling stuff. It’s not easy work, especially if you’re doing all the heavy lifting. But there’s a silver lining: you don’t have…

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How to setup a Developer/Administrative User with Two-Factor Authentication in Miva

miva 2-factor setup

Supporting Docs: Miva Guide Two-Factor Authentication Setting up Two-Factor Authentication in your Store (Video) Authy App Steps store owners and developers have to take in order to give a developer access to the store admin. Store Owners: Log into your store admin – navigate to Home > Users Add a new user and fill in…

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E-Commerce Link Building Best Practices

link building best practices

Links are powerful SEO juice for e-Commerce websites. There’s an art to creating a strong link architecture and leveraging internal and external links to get the most from your efforts. This mini guide covers some of the basics of link building that you can put to work today. Importance of Link Building in SEO Links…

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