Frequently Asked Questions


Billing and Invoicing

Do you offer blocks of time?
We don’t bill in “blocks”. We’ve found that there’s no real benefit to our clients to pay for work ahead of time. In this way, you don’t have to worry about blocks of time expiring or feeling obligated to have changes made in order to use up prepaid time. 

Do you charge by the hour, or by the task? 
Everyone’s site is different, and may require different approaches to the tasks. We bill for work in 15-minute increments so you only pay for the time that is actually spent on your site. 

Will I have a chance to review the work before you bill me?
For ongoing development work (i.e., Not site builds), we invoice every Wednesday for the work provided the previous week. We never charge your card on the same day as the work, so you have a chance to review it.

Non-Development Work

The work I need isn’t site development. Do you offer tiered pricing for smaller jobs?
We do have maintenance services available. Those services are meant to take some of the monotonous work off your desk and are charged at a low rate. They include:

  • Data entry (i.e., reorganizing, updating)
  • Image editing (i.e., resizing, retouching, uploading)
  • Content writing/copywriting (i.e., product descriptions, site page content, blog posts)
  • Product population/updates (i.e., processing time, attributes/variants, pricing)
  • Sale configuration/setup (i.e., banners and images, price groups and discounts, coupon creation)
  • Social media management (i.e., post content and monitoring)

That’s not a complete list, so if you need a task completed and aren’t sure, reach out!


What’s included in the cost of my project?
Are you wondering about what’s built into your quote? Or maybe you’re just trying to get an idea of what’s included in a site build before even reaching out for a quote. Here is a general overview of what might be included in your site build/project.

  • Consultation and strategy planning to map out your needs and expectations and a course of action.
  • Wireframing to determine design elements and refine  UI/UX (user interface and user experience).
  • Design elements like branding, logo, marketing and call to actions as well as the overall feel of the site. 
  • Data management and restructuring, including your products, categories, information pages, and other content.
  • Feature development to improve and customize site functionality.
  • Module and third-party app integration and set-up.
  • In-depth quality assurance testing
  • Marketing strategy development and technical SEO implementation.  
  • Project management and direct contact with team members throughout your build
  • Site launch​

We do our best to tailor the project to your specific needs. That way, you only pay for things you actually need. We won’t suggest products or services we don’t think will really benefit you and your long-term success.