Miva: Custom Drag and Drop File Upload Area on Product Pages

If you offer custom products, then you will understand the frustration that comes along with requesting and confirming custom artwork from a client. This handy feature will allow shoppers to upload a logo or image of their choosing directly onto the product page making it an easy experience for the shopper. This customization supports touch…

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Miva: Adding jQuery to Shadows – Elements Framework Javascript Resources


Miva Video Tutorial The Miva Merchant Elements framework and Shadows ReadyTheme ships with the “Cash” Javascript library instead of jQuery. This is fine as-is but, a lot of 3rd party plugins have been developed over the years and they require jQuery. So as soon as you want to do something from your preferred toolbox you’ll…

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Miva: Product Exports vs Excel

Miva export leading zeros

Miva Video Tutorial: How to Import Data with Leading Zeros and Special Chars The dreaded product codes with leading zeros, custom fields for UPC codes, and avoiding data corruption with special characters from other languages like French and Spanish for example.  When importing these into Excel the zeros could be converted to a scientific notation or non…

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Miva 9.7 – URI Management Bug Fix for Full HTTPS Stores

Miva Video Tutorial – Miva 9.7 – URI Management Bug Fix for Full HTTPS Stores. We show you how to fix your URL Prefix settings for full HTTPS stores to now be fully HTTPS. This addresses a bug fix release by Miva and is available to stores running Miva 9.7 or greater. If you would…

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How to Use URI Management

Miva Video Tutorial – Miva – How to Use URI Management Miva Merchant has a very powerful feature for dealing with links to all the pages, products and categories called URI Management. We show you the proper types of URIs to add and how to troubleshoot if things look strange. How can we help you?…

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Automatically Assign Price and Availability Group to New Customer

Miva Video Tutorial – Miva – Automatically Assign Price and Availability Group to New Customer We are Miva Merchant e-commerce specialists. Here we show a customization requested by a client. He wanted a custom create account form that would automatically assign the new customer to a price group and availability group. This saves him a…

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