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SEO is complicated enough without getting into the more technical aspects of it. While we do offer help with content optimization and link building, we relish getting our hands into the nitty-gritty, technical side of SEO. 

Search engine requirements are constantly changing, evolving, and updating. Those changes can have a big impact on the way your website is experienced by search engine crawlers. That, in turn, will influence how your site is discovered by searchers. As previous store-owners ourselves, we understand first-hand how difficult it is to take the time to keep up on the constantly changing expectations of search engines (notably, Google). 

We’ve developed an extensive 29-point checklist to make sure your bases are covered. It covers critical aspects of technical SEO maintenance and site performance and helps with things like:

  • Search page relevance. Keeping your site relevant and visible on SERPs by managing and maintaining your Schema markup and other site code. 
  • Rich results. Displaying star ratings, product suggestions, and featured Snippets don’t automatically happen. They are a result of well-managed technical SEO.
  • Migration and launch. When you migrate your existing website, you don’t want to undo the years of work that’s been done to earn the ranking you had. Our helping hand when you migrate or launch will ensure you don’t lose your existing clout.
  • Crawlability and indexing. Making sure your website offers a clear path for search engine crawlers means your site is indexed properly and up-to-date, giving you every opportunity to be ranked well.
  • Site speed. Running at peak performance allows you to offer the fastest speeds to your users and to Google. 
  • Security and compliance. Security and compliance can make or break an otherwise perfect site. Don’t let your website slip through the cracks because Google doesn’t want to touch an unsecured site. 

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There is a lot more that goes into your technical SEO, but learning and understanding it all shouldn’t fall to you. We have years of experience saving clients thousands in advertising dollars. We also help protect valuable rankings and analytics data that could have been lost due to poorly-handled and ill-planned SEO strategies. As a business owner, you have other matters at hand to worry about, so we are here to take care of the technical stuff for you.


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