Miva – Optimized Search Facet User Experience

Customization on Miva Sites We have added optimized programming and much nicer user experience to Miva’s built-in facets. Contact Us to learn how we can add faceted search on your Miva site!     Miva Built In Facets GD Customized Facets Page reloads each time the user clicks a facet. Uses Web 2.0 technologies to […]

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How to Submit a Google Shopping (Test) Feed

  Uploading a Test Feed in Google Merchant Center Go to Products > Feeds > click the blue ‘plus’ sign Step 1: Basic Information: Type = Products Target Country = United States (in most cases) Language  = English Check Display & Shopping Hit Continue Step 2: Primary feed name and input method Enter Primary Feed […]

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Important! Check your SSL

  Google decided not to trust certain SSL certificates and they set a cutoff date that is approaching soon. We advise everyone to do the following easy steps to see if your site is affected. The resolution is a simple support ticket to get the SSL reissued followed by a couple emails. NOTE: Chrome 70 is the […]

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Miva 9.7 – URI Management Bug Fix for Full HTTPS Stores

Miva Video Tutorial – Miva 9.7 – URI Management Bug Fix for Full HTTPS Stores. We show you how to fix your URL Prefix settings for full HTTPS stores to now be fully HTTPS. This addresses a bug fix release by Miva and is available to stores running Miva 9.7 or greater. If you would […]

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How to Use URI Management

Miva Video Tutorial – Miva – How to Use URI Management Miva Merchant has a very powerful feature for dealing with links to all the pages, products and categories called URI Management. We show you the proper types of URIs to add and how to troubleshoot if things look strange. How can we help you? […]

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Custom Sign-Up Form for Dealer Discounts and Availability

Custom Sign-Up Form

Miva offers the option of really customizable price and availability groups. They are particularly helpful if you are a retailer that sells both B2C and B2B. As new dealers sign up with you, you can place them into specific price groups in order to provide them with custom discounts and product availability. By providing discount pricing […]

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How to Add Articles as Products with Images and a PDF in a Category

Miva Video Tutorial – How to Add Articles as Products with Images and a PDF in a Category. We have a Miva Merchant category template setup to show products as articles. This is an easier way than creating a bunch of Miva pages. We show you how to convert the Word document to HTML, insert […]

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How to swap the main image when the color is selected using variants

Miva Video Tutorial – We setup a product with multiple attributes and color options so when a color is selected the main image changes. We go into depth and show you how this all works and that variants are real products. To generate the variants in this video we have Miva auto generate them for […]

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