Why your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

People come to Facebook to socialize – not to shop. Whereas a Google search for ‘cheap Nikon camera’ is likely commercial in nature, the major drawback to Facebook advertising is that you, the advertiser, cannot capture user intent. Sure, someone who’s shown online purchase behavior and interest in the brand Nikon might be interested in […]

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5 Easy Ways You Can Still Increase Orders this Holiday Season

1. Device Modifiers Mobile. You’re tired of hearing about it. We get it. But have a look at the data. Your site IS getting a lot of mobile traffic. If you’re like most of us, it’s probably more than half and your ad campaigns may perform very differently across devices. Dig into the numbers a […]

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Miva | Google Shopping API Import/Export Mapping

Items in bold are Miva import/export column headings.  Items in [ ] are associated Google Product Feed Specification mappings.  [id] Required for all items. Automatically pulled from product code entered in Miva admin. GOOGLE_SHOPPING:_TITLE [title] Required for all items. GOOGLE_SHOPPING:_DESCRIPTION [description] Required for all items. GOOGLE_SHOPPING:_PRODUCT_CATEGORY [google_product_category] Optional, though strongly recommended for all items if you have a categorization […]

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Should you upgrade your Miva store?

Having worked with Miva for many years now, we have fielded the questions “is it safe to upgrade” and “when should I upgrade” with every release.  Unfortunately there are many times when these questions are not asked and the process often looks something like this: Miva pushes out a major release of it’s popular ecommerce platform, chuck full of […]

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