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Miva | Google Shopping API Import/Export Mapping

Items in bold are Miva import/export column headings.  Items in [ ] are associated Google Product Feed Specification mappings.  [id] Required for all items. Automatically pulled from product code entered in Miva admin. GOOGLE_SHOPPING:_TITLE [title] Required for all items. GOOGLE_SHOPPING:_DESCRIPTION [description] Required for all items. GOOGLE_SHOPPING:_PRODUCT_CATEGORY [google_product_category] Strongly recommended for all items if you have a categorization for your […]

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Should you upgrade your Miva store?

Having worked with Miva for many years now, we have fielded the questions “is it safe to upgrade” and “when should I upgrade” with every release.  Unfortunately there are many times when these questions are not asked and the process often looks something like this: Miva pushes out a major release of it’s popular ecommerce platform, chuck full of […]

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