California PROP65 Warning Dynamic Display

Prop65 Warning

It can be difficult to get crucial information to customers while shopping online. Information can vary by product and/or state making it especially impossible to get the right message to those who need it. An example is the PROP65 warning. PROP65 is California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act. The law was introduced to […]

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How to Choose a Content Writer for Your E-commerce Blog

content writer

Anyone can be an e-commerce content writer, right? All you do is put words into sentences and convince people to buy your products. That’s about as true as the idea that e-commerce is just about listing products on your website and watching the sales roll in. Just like the e-commerce industry, writing for an e-commerce […]

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Miva: How to Display Selected Variant SKU on Master Product

Miva: Video Tutorial It’s important as a business owner to ensure you are staying on top of the latest shopping trends and website features. Being able to provide your customer with the best and most up to date shopping experience could mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned shopping basket. At Glendale Designs, […]

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Miva: Custom Drag and Drop Image Upload on Product Pages

Image Upload Feature

Personalized products are more popular than ever, and that’s not changing any time soon. Typically, you have to trust that your shoppers will properly email their required image file to you in a timely manner and in the correct format. It can lead to stalls in production, and costly customer service time. Our solution is an […]

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Miva vs Shopify Plus: An In-Depth Shopping Cart Comparison

Miva vs Shopify Plus An In-Depth Shopping Cart Comparison

In the ongoing Miva vs. Shopify Plus battle, e-commerce companies must be selective when choosing the best platform for their business. It’s not just a matter of getting a store up and running, but rather how the platform will continue to deliver a desirable (and profitable) shopping experience. Shopify has now rolled out Shopify Plus, […]

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5 Ways to Use Social Media to Attract B2B Customers

Attract B2B Customers

When you think of social media for e-commerce business, it’s no secret that consumer selling is leading the charge. B2B companies are quick to dismiss social media as a viable channel for their marketing. You don’t often hear of a digital marketing agency crushing it on Instagram or a building supply company dominating Twitter. The […]

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How to Create Sticky B2B Customers

Sticky B2B Customer

Are you creating sticky B2B customers for your e-Commerce website? You spend countless dollars and hours getting traffic to your B2B e-commerce website. From there, it’s another monumental journey to turn website visitors into paying customers. But once that sale is made, you’ve got two choices: continue chasing new business or ensuring that your current […]

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7 Hacks to Boost B2B Sales for the Holiday Season

Seven B2B Hacks

Is all the merry-making and holly jolliness putting your B2B sales in a slump? From Thanksgiving until Christmas, most minds and wallets are on consumer spending, finding that perfect gift for a loved one, and counting the days until a work vacation.  But that doesn’t mean your revenue has to take a hit. Let’s explore […]

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Does Cyber Monday Apply to B2B Customers?

B2B Cyber Monday

The Monday after Thanksgiving has long been touted as Cyber Monday, the day when digital consumer deals are at their peak. But does the Cyber Monday frenzy apply to B2B customers? You bet it does! Every year, Cyber Monday continues to break the previous year’s record in sales. And every year, B2B merchants are at […]

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