Tax Exemption for B2B Accounts

Tax Exemption for B2B Accounts

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A file upload option for clients can help you efficiently collect and process tax exemption for B2B accounts.

Being able to offer your B2B buyers the same conveniences that retail shoppers get is a huge draw these days. Studies have found that while buyers used to do their purchasing via catalog, sales rep, and phone orders, more and more now long for the ease of online shopping. In fact, B2B eCommerce numbers are steadily growing. Just like in regular retail, online wholesale shopping is taking over.  

But wholesale buyers don’t have the same needs or habits as standard B2C consumers. That means you have to be able to deliver an experience that is unique from that of the typical shopper. 

Convenience and Customization

Customization in shopping is becoming the key feature that determines customer retention in both B2B and B2C spaces. 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a business that can offer that personalized experience. 

When you’re able to tailor your buyer’s journey to their needs and preferences, you offer them a certain level of convenience. For B2B buyers that spend a ton of time researching and shopping, that convenience can make or break the sale.

On your B2B site, this may mean offering a recommended products slider of previously purchased items. Or a reminder system that lets the user know when it might be time to replenish stock. But before any of that can happen, the user needs to sign up for an account.

And here is your chance to start off with convenience. Our developers have created a feature that allows your new wholesale customer to submit their business license and any other documents you may require. 

Account Creation File Submission

Needing a smoother and more frictionless way to set up new customer accounts, a Glendale client approached us. They needed a way to allow users to submit their documentation without the hassle of emailing back and forth.

We’ve created an addition to the standard customer account creation form; in this case, the user is asked if they are tax exempt. Upon clicking “yes”, the form expands to include a tax exemption number field, and a file upload field.

B2B Tax Exemption form

This customizable feature can be edited to suit your site as needed. Pair it with our custom dealer sign-up form to add a further level of custom automation for your buyers.

Tax Exemption for B2B Accounts

By accepting the documentation online at the time of account creation, you’re expediting the registration process and getting a head start on approval. That means a head start on ordering. 

The faster your approval process is for new customers, the faster they can start purchasing. This addition to your account creation process will also result in less customer service time. You no longer have to wait for customers to email or fax their documentation (certificates, identification, licenses, etc.). There’s less back-and-forth, a smoother process all around. 

Once the account has been created and the documents submitted, you can immediately set the account to “Tax Exempt” in your Miva admin.

If you find yourself regularly waiting for documentation from new customers, or running through the hassle of a clunky verification process, this feature might be the perfect solution.

Easily added to your existing account creation form, we can customize to your own specifications, and have new client buying in no time! Contact us today to find out how we can make this a part of your B2B solution.

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