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Encouraging your shoppers to buy more is a tenuous balance between helpfulness and pushiness; a personalized recommended product slider can do the balancing act for you. In order to get it just right, you need to make your suggestions personalized enough to fall in line with the shopper’s previous purchases, but not so similar that the purchase would be a duplicate. You want the products you’re pushing to be relevant and appealing to each shopper’s taste.

To accomplish this, our developers have created a dynamic personalized recommended product slider.

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s also a very forward-thinking piece of functionality. The general trend for eCommerce is personalized experiences. This has been the case for a few years now, and this need isn’t going away. Shoppers want to feel personally catered to, and who can blame them? There are so many available options out there for them, it’s easy to experience decision fatigue. 

Personalization by way of tailored recommendations achieves this desired effect. Customers are delivered a selection of items that specifically appeal to them, making it easy to find what they want, and what they didn’t know they needed. 

Typically, this kind of functionality requires expensive monthly contracts to specialized SaaS services. Besides the extra pressure those can put on your wallet, they can also add bloating scripts to your site. This may result in slowing things down and negatively impacting your SEO ranking. 

We’ve been able to achieve this without the costly ongoing monthly subscription.

How Does it Work?

Our recommended product slider uses a combination of data already being collected on your website to dynamically assemble the suggestions. The more orders placed and the more users browsing the site, the better and more complete the product list will be. As people continue to use your site, the recommendations develop and evolve to stay relevant to current trends.

Presented in a product carousel, your shopper has their own personal catalog through which they can browse. 

The Techy Stuff

  • Our developers have worked their magic to make sure the code for this function is as clean and minimalistic as possible. This means the impact to your page load time, if any at all, will be very minute. 
  • The slider is set up to dodge your caching. Usually caching (Redis, Cloudflare, etc.) is a good thing. It provides improved site performance, but it can also cause product listings to get a little stale. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you have caching on your site and make a change. You may have to flush your cache in order for the changes to appear. That won’t happen with this slider.
  • Machine learning built into the code means that it will continuously update the metrics by which recommended products are selected. It gets better at picking which items to show the more it’s used.

A personalized recommended product slider is an easy and unobtrusive way to get more products in front of your shopper, with a higher chance that they will actually be interested in them! If you’re interested in personalizing your shopping experience and selling more to your customers, get in touch!

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