Advanced Shipping Calculator To Drive Conversions

Advanced Shipping Calculator

Basket shipping calculators and estimators have found a place in almost every Miva store these days. But in our opinion, they aren’t quite performing up to snuff. So the Glendale developers have come up with a solution to help you drive conversions. If you keep up with our blog posts (hint: you should!), you’ll know […]

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Miva Ecommerce: A Video Tutorial for Scot’s Blogger

Miva Scot's Blogger Tutorial

Scot’s Blogger is a third-party app for your Miva store. It allows you to add a blog to your eCommerce site and have it completely integrated into your Miva admin. Previously, store owners would often create a separate WordPress blog and interlink it with their website. While WordPress does have some great capabilities, there are a […]

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Shipping and Its Impact on Customer Retention

Shipping and Customer Retention

Shipping has a love-hate relationship in the world of eCommerce. It also plays a huge role in customer retention. It’s absolutely necessary, and it’s what makes online shopping so convenient for consumers. To-door delivery, across states, countries, and oceans, sometimes in a matter of hours. It’s a pretty outstanding example of modern technology and logistics, […]

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Progressive Web App To Guide Your User

Progressive Web App

Whether you’re creating a smooth path to the checkout, or you’re providing resources and manuals, guiding your user is always a good thing. It helps them view you (and your brand) as a trustworthy member of your industry. So maybe you read the title and thought, “Oh great! A progressive web app to help!”. If […]

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Free Site Evaluation To Keep You In Shape

Site Evaluation

You’ve probably never done a site evaluation before, and possibly didn’t know you should have one done. You go to the doctor for a physical, you take your car to the shop for a tune-up; you take care of the important things in your life. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your website? Whether […]

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Refine Your Branding to Pack a Punch

Refine Your Branding

The check mark-shaped swoosh, bold and instantly recognizable on a pair of shoes. The red and white script that exudes “classic” that makes you want an ice-cold cola. The simple blue logo that has commandeered the letter F and taken over the internet. These are branding decisions that have been made after endless hours of […]

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Site-Wide Information Banners


All store-owners want to make sure that the time spent on their website results in a satisfying and productive experience. You go to great lengths to ensure the buyer’s journey throughout your site is as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately, making sure your customers are fully aware of all important information is half the battle of […]

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Payment Processors for CBD Businesses

CBD Payment Processors

The CBD industry has become massive in a very short period of time. And with the further changes to the legal status of cannabis-derived products, the industry is only going to continue growing and developing. Expected to reach $20 billion by 2024 in the USA alone, it’s no surprise that health and beauty retailers are […]

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CBD Businesses Are High-Risk. Why?

CBD is a high-risk industry

The internet (and subsequent online shopping) has opened a lot of doors when it comes to product and information accessibility. People are now able to educate themselves about things that were once too taboo to talk about openly. Like CBD for instance – a cannabis derivative. Depending on your local laws, these subjects may still […]

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Master Content Marketing for Your eCommerce Site

Content Marketing for eCommerce

You’ve probably heard the term “content marketing” before without giving it much thought. It does sound like a buzzword without much real meaning. After all, any marketing material is content, right? But in reality, content marketing is a specific and effective way to not only market your brand and expand your reach, but make your […]

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