How to Write a Customer Satisfaction Survey That Actually Gets Responses

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are an incredibly powerful tool; they can provide you with the knowledge you need to make significant changes to your UX (user experience) design. But they don’t get nearly enough use. Have you ever wished you could know exactly what shoppers do and do not like about your site? That wish likely […]

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How to Display Stock Status for Attributes in Miva

Display stock status

The powerful product attribute abilities in Miva allow you to offer your shoppers a very wide variety of items without having to upload and maintain thousands of combinations. But there are limitations that may prevent your customers from having a truly intuitive experience in your store. One of these limitations is the inability to display […]

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Alternatives to Pop-Ups On Your Site

Alternatives To Pop-Ups

Pop-up alternatives can make all the difference in your user experience, and your resulting analytics. Don’t let the necessity of delivery fast information overtake the UIUX of your site. Pop-ups have been around since the dawn of time… as far as the internet goes, at least. They were originally primarily used for advertising; the digital […]

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Why You Should Hire An Expert: Chapter 1

Why You Should Hire and Expert

The Missing 301 Redirects Disclaimer: The following tale is a true story. Identifying details have been removed to protect the innocent, and the wrong-doers. Gather round, read this tale of woe, and take heed – this is yet another illustration of Why You Should Hire An Expert. It was a blustery February night and all […]

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13 Free Resources To Help You Grow Your Business

Free resources for business

Free resources can be enough to boost a new or growing business over the line from struggling to success. We’ve collected a few of our favorites that can help you during your growth. The old moniker “You have to spend money to make money” is, unfortunately, very true. In order to run a successful business […]

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Text Message Marketing: Is It Worth It?

Text Message SMS Marketing

Email marking has been around for about 40 years and it remains to be an effective delivery method to reach your shoppers. But as usual in the tech industry, things don’t stay the same for long. SMS or text message marketing is the dark horse in the marketing race. It’s emergence isn’t super widespread as […]

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Adding eCommerce to Your Brick-and-Mortar Store

Adding eCommerce to your Brick and Mortar Store

You’ve had a storefront for a while now, and things are going great. Your sales are consistent, and people seem to really love your product. But you’re starting to wonder if something is missing. Are you missing out on the part of your clientele that no longer heads downtown to do Christmas shopping, or to […]

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DIY Website vs. Professional – Do You REALLY Need UX/UI?

DIY Website vs. Professional

Since the dawn of the handyman, people have been trying to weigh the benefits of “DIY vs. Professional”. That hasn’t changed as we moved into the tech era. As a web development company, you probably expect that we’ll tell you, you should hire a developer. But that’s not necessarily the case. We don’t want our […]

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User Experience Should Drive Your Site Decisions

User Experience

You may have come across the term UI/UX – or something very similar – while managing your site. It stands for User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Simply put, it’s the way users interact with your website. Obviously, it’s a big category and can apply to a lot of facets of your business. And […]

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Improve Page Speed With Lazy Load

Page Speed Deferred Loading

When considering your site’s health and performance, the subject of site page speed comes up pretty immediately. It’s important to your users, it’s important to Google, and it should be important to you. This information is all over the internet, so we won’t get too in-depth in this post. But to make sure we’re all […]

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