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All store-owners want to make sure that the time spent on their website results in a satisfying and productive experience. You go to great lengths to ensure the buyer’s journey throughout your site is as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately, making sure your customers are fully aware of all important information is half the battle of customer satisfaction. You can do everything right. But if your shopper misses that there is going to be a shipping delay, or doesn’t see that there’s a coupon code they could have used, it could sour their experience. A site-wide information banner is your best bet to keep your shoppers informed and satisfied in an unobtrusive and attractive way.

Site-Wide Information and Announcements

Every now and then, you’ll come across a situation that results in a pressing need to get information out to every visitor on your site. Maybe you’ve launched a flash sale, or you’ve made changes to your terms of service. Or maybe, globally, we find ourselves in an unprecedented and rapidly changing crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic. You need a way to provide your customers with immediate information. However, you don’t want the information to be overbearing or…well, ugly. 

A homepage banner or announcement may work for those that have typed your URL directly into their browser’s address bar. But that’s not the typical path for most shoppers. Most shoppers will more than likely enter your site from a category or product page. Even shoppers who do type your URL into the address bar will quickly click away to a category or the search bar. There’s an excellent chance the information will be missed altogether.  

Our Solution

Our solution gives you the opportunity to quickly add updates to your site, and change the information as needed. And you can do so with no down-time and very little effort. The site-wide information banner is a global feature that displays across the top of your website, regardless of which page the user is viewing. The design is customizable to match the branding of your site. One of the defining features of the banner is it’s slim size. 

Keeping the banner narrow, and the text minimal, is the best use of the feature. It gives you the chance to pack a punch with a bold and direct statement while also keeping the information relatively inconspicuous. 

site-wide information banner
A simple, narrow banner from Stitch-It Central.

You may be thinking that a narrow banner isn’t nearly enough space to provide all the details you need to really be useful. A handy feature to this tool is the ability to have the banner link to a separate informational page. That allows you to expound as much as necessary while still making sure that your site’s design isn’t disrupted. It also means customers who have already read the information can continue shopping without the interference of a large message or pop-up.

global announcement banner
A slightly more embellished banner from Industrial Odor Control.

Easy to turn on, off, and edit, the site-wide information banner can be used in a wide range of instances. Consider being able to advertise shipping discounts, weather disruptions, or flash sales. If you want to be able to provide important information in an unobtrusive but effective way, contact us today. We can add and customize a site-wide information banner to your store.

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