Why You Should Hire An Expert: Chapter 1

Why You Should Hire and Expert

The Missing 301 Redirects Disclaimer: The following tale is a true story. Identifying details have been removed to protect the innocent, and the wrong-doers. Gather round, read this tale of woe, and take heed – this is yet another illustration of Why You Should Hire An Expert. It was a blustery February night and all […]

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13 Free Resources To Help You Grow Your Business

Free resources for business

Free resources can be enough to boost a new or growing business over the line from struggling to success. We’ve collected a few of our favorites that can help you during your growth. The old moniker “You have to spend money to make money” is, unfortunately, very true. In order to run a successful business […]

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Text Message Marketing: Is It Worth It?

Text Message SMS Marketing

Email marking has been around for about 40 years and it remains to be an effective delivery method to reach your shoppers. But as usual in the tech industry, things don’t stay the same for long. SMS or text message marketing is the dark horse in the marketing race. It’s emergence isn’t super widespread as […]

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Google Shopping is Now Free And We Can Help You Get Started

Google Shopping is now Free

To help retailers stay on their feet during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Google is offering space on their Shopping tab for free. But if you’re new to Google Merchant Center, you’ll need some help getting set up. Back in February, we wrote about why you need a Google Shopping feed now more than ever, and as […]

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Custom Google Shopping Feed to Make Selling Easier

Custom Google Shopping Feed

We recently talked about why you need to have a Google Shopping Feed, and why that need is only becoming more urgent. In case you didn’t read that post (you really should, by the way), here’s a recap. Google is making changes and adding features that depend on a current and comprehensive shopping feed.  Previously, […]

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Refine Your Branding to Pack a Punch

Refine Your Branding

The check mark-shaped swoosh, bold and instantly recognizable on a pair of shoes. The red and white script that exudes “classic” that makes you want an ice-cold cola. The simple blue logo that has commandeered the letter F and taken over the internet. These are branding decisions that have been made after endless hours of […]

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Master Content Marketing for Your eCommerce Site

Content Marketing for eCommerce

You’ve probably heard the term “content marketing” before without giving it much thought. It does sound like a buzzword without much real meaning. After all, any marketing material is content, right? But in reality, content marketing is a specific and effective way to not only market your brand and expand your reach, but make your […]

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Marketplaces and Third-Party Channels: Are They Right For You?

Are Marketplaces and Third-Party Channels Right for You?

More and more, online marketplaces are taking over the retail industry. On their path to domination, they are beginning to eat up small businesses. And as the old saying goes, eat or be eaten. Or perhaps, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em? Whichever idiom you prefer, it comes down to the same thing. It’s […]

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