How to Submit a Google Shopping (Test) Feed

Uploading a Test Feed in Google Merchant Center
Go to Products > Feeds > click the blue ‘plus’ sign

Step 1: Basic Information:

  • Type = Products
  • Target Country = United States (in most cases)
  • Language  = English
  • Check Display & Shopping
  • Hit Continue

Step 2: Primary feed name and input method

  • Enter Primary Feed Name (enter your file name)
  • Select ‘Upload’ (make sure to have your feed ready to upload first)
  • Hit Continue

Step 3:  Setup

  • Enter name of your feed file
  • Click on the upload file now
  • Browse to locate your local feed to upload
  • Make SURE to upload as test
  • Click Continue

Step 4: Set Currency

Unfortunately since this is a test file – you cannot set the currency prior to uploading the feed.

  • Click on the name of the file you just uploaded
  • Select the ‘Settings’ tab
  • Select the Default currency = US Dollar
  • Upload (overwrite) your test AGAIN so the settings take effect.

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