Stay Compliance: Privacy Laws & ADA Accessibility

Data breaches among large corporations are all too common nowadays. Protect your business by prioritizing ADA compliance and staying updated on evolving privacy laws with Termageddon. As a website owner, it’s crucial to remain vigilant about potential issues affecting you, even amidst your daily responsibilities, as legal changes may not always be immediately apparent.

Data breaches among large corporations are all too common nowadays

At Glendale Designs, we understand the importance of proactivity and ensuring our clients are well-informed and protected. Given the continuous emergence of new laws, it’s essential to remain vigilant as they may affect your operations. Remember, claiming ignorance is not a valid defense.

Whether you manage an eCommerce platform, a WordPress site, or a combination of both, the landscape of online regulations is evolving rapidly. Gone are the days when using a free generator sufficed for drafting your terms and conditions and privacy policies. Compliance is now more critical than ever.

It all began with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which mandated stringent measures to safeguard the personal data of European Union (EU) residents. Since then, numerous US states have enacted or are in the process of passing laws to protect consumer privacy, extending beyond state borders.

If your website collects data from visitors, you’re likely gathering Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including usernames, passwords, contact form submissions, online profiles, email addresses, IP addresses, browser information, and more.

Can you protect your site and yourself?

In today’s discourse on privacy and personal data, hiring an attorney to draft these documents can be prohibitive. The initial draft can cost up to $25,000, not to mention ongoing maintenance fees.

Who has the time to keep up with the constant legal changes and fees while managing daily responsibilities?

Currently, privacy laws are enforced in 20 states, and 36 more bills are in the pipeline. Termageddon provides an unparalleled solution to keep you updated on these changes.

Most business websites feature contact forms that collect PII from users, necessitating compliance with multiple privacy laws. With over 15 state-specific privacy laws proposed, fines for non-compliance could reach up to $7,500 per violation, per website visitor.

Why Use Termageddon for Personal Data Protection?

Glendale Designs has done the groundwork to help you safeguard your digital presence. Termageddon is the only online Privacy Policy generator endorsed by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the foremost authority on global privacy standards.

Led by Donata Stroink-Skillrud, Termageddon’s Co-founder and President, a licensed attorney, and a Certified Information Privacy Professional, the platform boasts a team of experts dedicated to navigating the complexities of privacy law.

Donata’s leadership extends beyond Termageddon, having served as the Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s ePrivacy Committee and as Chair of the Chicago Chapter of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Recently re-elected as Chair of the American Bar Association’s ePrivacy Committee, Donata spearheaded the Working Group of privacy attorneys, issuing comprehensive guidelines for US legislators on crafting state privacy laws.

In a digital landscape fraught with legal complexities, Termageddon offers a beacon of compliance, ensuring your online presence remains protected and always up-to-date amidst ever-changing regulatory frameworks.

Termageddon’s solution is a comprehensive license that includes auto-updating Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers, and End User License Agreements, all for just $12 per month or $119 annually. This solution can save you money!

You can read more here, or feel free to reach out to us!

accessiBe: ADA Compliance

AccessiBe is an application that can be easily integrated into your website to make it accessible and compliant. By adding just one line of code, it can help avoid legal disputes and reach a wider audience. The software uses contextual machine learning to ensure that your website meets available accessibility guidelines.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities not only in physical establishments but also on websites. In 2018, an assistant attorney general at the DOJ emphasized the importance of website accessibility in accordance with ADA guidelines. As a result, ADA compliance has become a crucial concern for all website owners. Many clients have faced legal complaints or actions regarding their sites over the past year.

To ensure ADA compliance and peace of mind, we recommend using AccessiBe. It has been trusted by reputable companies such as as  HBOBRITISH AIRWAYSGEPORSCHEForbesSix FlagsWarner BrothersFox NewsTOSHIBABMWhuluPanasonic ,and many more. AccessiBe offers comprehensive solutions that make it easy to ensure website accessibility.

You can experience AccessiBe’s functionality by exploring the handicapped icon in the footer of our website or visiting any of the trusted companies mentioned above. We want to help ensure your protection and compliance, and we’re confident that AccessiBe and Termageddon are the right tools for the job. We even use them on the Glendale Designs site.

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Is your website ADA-compliant?

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