Choosing a Marketing Solution for Your Small Business

How & Why You Should Respond to Reviews

Man's finger selecting a one-star review rating

Humans are funny creatures: while we often like believing we know what’s best, we are also very impressionable. How we spend our money is no exception. Some of the most impactful outside influence when it comes to purchasing is the almighty Customer Review. […]

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Make Multiple Payment Methods a Priority

Multiple Payment Options

As technologies change, so do customer expectations. Ever a top priority, convenience matters for online shoppers. That applies to payment options, and from that customers are expecting multiple payment methods to be standard. […]

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Update Your Terms of Service to Protect Yourself

Hands signing a Terms of Service contract

When it comes to online retail, there can be a lot of grey-area for the shopper. It can result in some seriously negative feelings on the part of the customer and the retailer if the Terms of Service isn’t clear and comprehensive. […]

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