Miva 9.7 – URI Management Bug Fix for Full HTTPS Stores

Miva Video Tutorial – Miva 9.7 – URI Management Bug Fix for Full HTTPS Stores. We show you how to fix your URL Prefix settings for full HTTPS stores to now be fully HTTPS. This addresses a bug fix release by Miva and is available to stores running Miva 9.7 or greater. If you would […]

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A Video Guide to URI Management in Miva

URI Management in Miva

It’s easy to get confused between a URL and a URI, and for good reason. They are two peas in the same pod. Miva has a great feature that allows you to manage your URIs in a quick and easy way.  While URIs used to be mostly handled behind the scenes, store owners now have […]

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Custom Sign-Up Form for Dealer Discounts and Availability

Custom Sign-Up Form

Miva offers the option of really customizable price and availability groups. They are particularly helpful if you are a retailer that sells both B2C and B2B. As new dealers sign up with you, you can place them into specific price groups in order to provide them with custom discounts and product availability. By providing discount pricing […]

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Video Tutorial: Add Blog Posts as Products for a Blog Alternative

Blog Alternative

This Miva video tutorial will show you how to add blog posts as products – a fast and easy blog alternative! Regardless of whether you want to delve into blogging for your store, there’s no denying that it’s useful. Blog content is chalk-full of opportunities for Google and other search engines to find and rank […]

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How to swap the main image when the color is selected using variants

Miva Video Tutorial – We setup a product with multiple attributes and color options so when a color is selected the main image changes. We go into depth and show you how this all works and that variants are real products. To generate the variants in this video we have Miva auto generate them for […]

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Video: Automatic Drop Down Menus For Advanced Variants

Auto Drop Down Menus for Advanced Variants

This video tutorial will walk you through how to get your Miva advanced variants to automatically populate. Giving your shopper lots of options is a great way to appeal to the widest audience. You can cater to all sorts of tastes and preferences with Miva’s advanced variants. But having a ton of options does start […]

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Video: How to Create Variants of Existing Products

How to Create Variants

This video tutorial will show you how to create variants on existing products in Miva. Creating variants in Miva is a powerful tool and has the ability to allow complex customizations. While those are great qualities, it also means it can be confusing. However, the payoff can be worth it, for both you and your […]

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Export GD Ratings & Reviews

Example query to export GD Ratings & Reviews via database. This example assumes a working knowledge of phpMyAdmin, MySQL databases and SQL queries. […]

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Miva | Google Shopping API Import/Export Mapping

Items in bold are Miva import/export column headings.  Items in [ ] are associated Google Product Feed Specification mappings.  [id] Required for all items. Automatically pulled from product code entered in Miva admin. GOOGLE_SHOPPING:_TITLE [title] Required for all items. GOOGLE_SHOPPING:_DESCRIPTION [description] Required for all items. GOOGLE_SHOPPING:_PRODUCT_CATEGORY [google_product_category] Optional, though strongly recommended for all items if you have a categorization […]

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