Custom Sign-Up Form for Dealer Discounts and Availability

Custom Sign-Up Form

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Miva offers the option of really customizable price and availability groups. They are particularly helpful if you are a retailer that sells both B2C and B2B. As new dealers sign up with you, you can place them into specific price groups in order to provide them with custom discounts and product availability.

By providing discount pricing and wholesale products to your B2B customers immediately upon signing up, you encourage them to get right to spending. That means they start shopping before they have a chance to check out competitor sites!

But monitoring new sign-ups and assigning the accounts to specific price groups could be a full time job. Even if you manage to move the new account into the applicable price group within a few minutes, that’s still enough time for the shopper to click away, and cost you a sale. Our developers have come up with a custom sign-up form solution for you.

Automatically Assign Price and Availability Groups With a Custom Form

Offering immediate discounts and availability to new customers is an excellent way to help build and sustain your B2B business, with minimal upkeep on your part. This feature will do the work of moving the new account into the appropriate price group for you. 

In the example above, our client wanted to automatically assign new customers to a specific price group and availability group. You can see that when Colin created a new account using the custom sign-up form, he was automatically added to the price and availability groups that had been specified by the client. The use of the custom form saves our client the admin work of manually moving the accounts. It also allows the new customer to begin shopping immediately.  

How Can This Work for You?

The custom sign-up form can be customized to suit your preferences. Here are a few ways we can tailor the feature to work for your specific needs:

  • The form can be hidden from your site, accessed only by a direct link. Supply it to dealers or wholesale customers after verifying them. Provide the link to your new customer, and the rest is in their hands.
  • Set the form to be triggered by data being entered into a particular field. The customer account is only moved if they enter a vendor/business number into a dedicated text field on the form. The account is then moved into “pending” groups. Perhaps this allows them to view the available products, but not pricing, until the account is approved.  
  • This feature doesn’t just work to provide discounts; you can also use it to track regions. If you have 6 different sales people, each responsible for a state, each sales person can have an exclusive link. They provide their customers with that link, and you automatically have custom pricing and product availability specific to that sales person, tracking the purchases of those 6 states. 

To get this custom sign-up form feature up and running on your site, contact Glendale Designs. We can help you cut down your customer service work, and get your customers shopping without any downtime.

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