Miva – Optimized Search Facet User Experience

Customization on Miva Sites

We have added optimized programming and much nicer user experience to Miva’s built-in facets. Contact Us to learn how we can add faceted search on your Miva site!



Miva Built In Facets

GD Customized Facets

Page reloads each time the user clicks a facet. Uses Web 2.0 technologies to upload only the results section, which uses less server resources and provides quicker results.
Since the entire page reloads it can feel slow and disjointed at times. Since only the available facets and product display sections reload, the page loads much faster is more interactive.
Little to no Mobile optimizations. Mobile and tablet optimizations including adding collapsing menus and auto scrolling to the results.
Difficult to bookmark or share faceted search results (default url only links to the search term without any selected facets). Permalink directly on page for easy bookmarking or sharing of the selected faceted search results.
Difficult to impossible for a store owner to setup on their own. We set it up for you! Then clients can easily edit/add the custom fields and facet rules used in results themselves.
No help with recommended settings or consequences of setting certain values. Extensive testing and knowledge on what to do and what not to do.
The base install includes little-to-no styling. We customize the styling to match the store design and use elements from the main theme (eg fonts, colors, etc).
The default facet integrations have a lot of bugs which affect display and/or results. We’ve extensively tested facets and have already worked out the bugs for you, plus we’ve made additional adjustments to improve UI/functionality.

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