Video Tutorial: Add Blog Posts as Products for a Blog Alternative

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

This Miva video tutorial will show you how to add blog posts as products – a fast and easy blog alternative!

Regardless of whether you want to delve into blogging for your store, there’s no denying that it’s useful. Blog content is chalk-full of opportunities for Google and other search engines to find and rank your site. It allows you to target keywords and key phrases, and provides an opportunity for backlinks (very valuable for ranking well). Above all, it helps your customers. 

But blogging can be a big job. If you aren’t inclined to write, or hire someone, on a regular basis, this is especially true. You’re still able to offer your customers valuable information, even with only a few articles covering important topics.

Having just a few articles, or maybe some resource pages (ie. downloadable instructions, comparisons, charts, guides, etc.) may not warrant having a full blog attached to your site. We’ve got the perfect blog alternative so you don’t have to worry about hosting fees or maintenance.

You can create a category in your Miva store using our template, and add blog posts as products! Take a look at the video for a walkthrough on how to add them, insert images, attach downloadable files, and sort the posts.

Easier than adding multiple Content Pages to your site, this trick allows you to quickly upload content. Contact us today to get your site set up with this blog alternative, for help managing the content, or for help writing it!

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