Miva E-Commerce: Export Your Data & Modules – A Quick Tutorial with Tips

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

When creating a new store, you may look at the massive amount of data you have already in use on your existing site and feel overwhelmed. There is a large amount of information that needs to be recreated on your new website and thankfully, you don’t need to start from scratch! With this video, you can learn how to quickly and efficiently copy the data from your old site so you can simply load them back up into your new store!

While some of the items from your original site may be too advanced or complicated to get into doing yourself, there are plenty of things you can manage on your own. Follow along with this video to learn which items you can export yourself, and where to find them within Miva. This list includes crucial store data like customer files, attributes, affiliates (if applicable), categories, products, URIs, custom fields, image types and images, and any Miva or proprietary (purchased) modules that you’d like to carry over into the new store.

Getting this data exported from your old site and imported into the new site will be a great step forward into moving your new Miva store development forward.  There are, however, some more complicated pieces of data that we don’t recommend trying to do yourself (i.e., volume prices, image machine conversion, navigation sets, etc.), but we are here for that! Contact Glendale Designs for help with any of the steps mentioned in the video, as well as tracking down and exporting some of the more complex items, and watch our next video to learn what to do with all your data once it’s been exported!

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