Hemslojd.com – Miva Ecommerce Custom Development

Hemslojd.com – Miva Ecommerce Custom Development

Hemslojd Glendale Designs Portfolio

2020 Miva Blades Award Winner! Most Improved Website “Hemslöjd and Miva agency partner Glendale Designs redesigned their online store to share Hemslöjd’s unique handcrafted gifts with the world. They combine whimsical design and streamlined improvements to create a culture-rich shopping experience that modern customers can enjoy.” – Miva The Client Corey, the owner of Hemslöjd […]

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Buckstopinc.com – Miva Ecommerce Design

Buckstop Portfolio

The Client Dorian, one of the founders of Buckstop Inc., is the type of store owner who has “been there, done that”. In fact, his own experience is exactly how he came to create Buckstop to begin with. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and so the Buckstop custom, heavy-duty bumper modifications […]

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SuncoastParts.com – Miva Custom Design & Development

Suncoast portfolio

The Client Ric Knab of Suncoast Porsche Parts is enthusiastic about his cars, and he knows his customers are too. Suncoastparts.com has been a retailer of specialty, factory, and after-market parts and accessories since 2000. Constantly researching state-of-the-art upgrades and add-ons means that Ric and his team are always on the look-out for ways they […]

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CamdenGrey.com – Miva Ecommerce Development

CamdenGrey -profolio

The Client Camden-Grey is an online retailer of high quality essential oils, ingredients, packaging and accessories needed to produce your own handcrafted items like soaps and lotions. They are also a small family-owned business based in Fort Myers, Florida, with a sprawling customer base of both private consumers (B2C) and retailers (B2B).The owner/operator, Vivian, reached […]

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WingStuff.com – Miva Ecommerce Design

Wingstuff portfolio

The Client As a long-time motorcycle enthusiast, president and founder Rick Arnoldo started WingStuff in 1999. It was a much needed resource for parts and accessories for the Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. After having been in the service and motorcycle industry for decades, Rick knew exactly where the hole in the market was: good service, […]

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Mansoura.com – Miva Ecommerce Design

Mansoura - Miva eCommerce ReDesign

THE CHALLENGE Mansoura was looking to revamp their outdated site so it would appeal to a larger range of shoppers.  Their current site wasn’t responsive and didn’t comply with current https requirements. The site used an older theme with outdated modules which limited functionality and the search feature was limited and made it difficult for […]

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RetroPlanet.com – Miva Customization & Design

RetroPlanet.com – Miva Ecommerce Customization & Design

THE CHALLENGE Retro Planet’s database of 100,000+ products needed an upgrade; not only to make it easier for the shopper to find what they were looking for, but also for the store owner to maintain. HOUSEKEEPING The site needed a modernized interface including categories, payment methods, and an easier checkout and account creation to reduce […]

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WeddingFavours.ca – Miva Ecommerce Design

Wedding Favours - Portfolio

Miva Ecommerce Design & Development Business Overview Weddingfavours.ca began in 2005 as a home based business and over time outgrew its small roots. 14 years later, the website has grown to include 50+ product lines and over 6,000 products. Offering brides one-on-one service and the ability to personalize and truly customize their items gave Weddingfavours.ca […]

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LazerDesigns.com – Miva Ecommerce Customization & Design

LazerDesigns - Porfolio

THE CHALLENGE Personalized Lazer Designs, LLC turned to Glendale Designs for a carefully crafted, responsive redesign to package and sell personalized gifts direct to consumers and businesses. Glendale Designs worked directly with the Lazer Designs team to incorporate industry-leading features and custom functionality into the new website design. Personalized Lazer Designs, LLC turned to Glendale Designs for […]

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PreciousAccents.com – Miva Ecommerce Customization

PreciousAccents.com - Miva Ecommerce Customization

The Client Precious Accents – a family-owned jewelry retailer of over 30 years – grew from a local brick-and-mortar to a fully-featured eCommerce site with the redesign of their desktop and mobile standalone sites in the early 2010s. However, that growth was threatened by increasing consumer demand for top-flight mobile experiences as mobile commerce matured. […]

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