Miva Ecommerce Website Update

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From arcade-style games to large outdoor set-ups, American Super Sports has what you need to get playing. They are a family owned business located in South Carolina, and with over 20 years in business, they are a leader in the industry. With residential, commercial, and institutional customers, strives to provide a full range of high-quality, low-cost products.

The Client

As a family owned/operated business based in the suburbs of Charleston, South Carolina, holds the same values that their location would suggest. A friendly and comfortable shopping experience, a high level of customer service, and a fun e-commerce environment are key components to the business model. 

Alan, proprietor of, has been a client of Glendale Designs for many years. The e-commerce landscape continues to transform and Alan has made it a priority for the site to keep up with the trends. Ensuring they stay on top of changing requirements, standards in user experience, and design evolutions, has come to Glendale Designs for support once again, in the form of a website update. 

The Challenge

Alan decided it was time to spruce up with some new features, and maybe a new look, a few years after their last website update. The site was still in great shape; it was clean, functional, and easy to use. But while those were still critical aspects to the site, he wanted something new and exciting for

Alan wanted a few key features added to the site, and wanted to be able to incorporate them without a full overhaul. He was looking for the following modifications:

  • A way to feature specific products/categories at will
  • Visually entice shoppers to further explore the site
  • Add resources (video tutorials, downloadable documents) to product pages
  • Update without any significant downtime
  • Reinvigorate the look while maintaining brand recognition

At Glendale, we knew exactly how to fulfill Alan’s requests to take to the next level in functionality. 

The Solution

Alan wanted a few key features added to the site, and wanted to be able to incorporate them without a full overhaul to the website.

A New Site Without a New Build

Though the website had been redone a few short years ago, a few years in the tech and e-commerce universe can seem like an eon. There were new standards that needed to be added to the site and the once-cutting-edge features are now standard protocol. 

But an entirely new build was not going to be necessary. The best way to address’s desire to stay ahead of the curve was to update the theme on which the site was based. We started by adding some innovative features. A mega menu, new product page additions, and an overall spruce-up to the design gave the site a fresh feel without having to do a total rebuild. 

Introducing the Mega Menu

The new top navigation bar gives the client the opportunity to make changes as the season, promotion, or mood dictates. With custom-coded functionality, the client can now add images to the category drop-down to feature specific categories or products. Adding images and converting it to a “mega menu” provides a visual catalog to guide and entice the customer into exploring more of the website. 

Product Page Enhancements

With American Super Sports’ goal of offering special resources to their shoppers, the Glendale team revamped the product page layout. While the product pages were functioning properly before the website update, there was room for revision. We added some simple features, used in exciting ways, to provide a way to include valuable extras to each item.

  • Including video capabilities on product pages means shoppers have resources like instructional and assembly videos. 
  • Detailed product views help to ensure the customer is getting exactly what they want. 
  • PDF downloads for warranty information and other important product documentation means that shoppers on can purchase with confidence. 

A Facelift For Good Measure

Refreshing the color scheme and tweaking the design provided rejuvenation for the site without completely overhauling effective branding already established. In keeping the iconic red, white, and blue, the Glendale Designs team gave a modern feel to a classic style.

A Progressive Web App

An additional feature that our developers encourage in custom builds and website updates was created to give the user the best possible experience. The progressive web app ensures that when a user’s internet or data coverage weakens or drops altogether, they aren’t left in the lurch. A customizable content page will appear to provide helpful information to the user, like instructions and contact details, all beautifully branded to match the site. No more frustrating 404 pages or endlessly spinning loading wheels. Shoppers are informed of the issue and encouraged to try reaching out a different way.

The Result

After the website update, is left with a similar clean design and easy-to-use interface, but with some punchy enhancements. The new theme and mega menu pulls the customer in to continue their shopping beyond the initial search. Video tutorials and product views give an interactive edge to the product pages. By providing downloadable documentation and customer testimonials, shoppers can have absolute confidence in the products, and the company selling them. 

If you’re looking for a site upgrade without committing to an entire site rebuild, contact Glendale Designs. We can help you map out exactly what you’d like to include on your existing site, and provide innovative solutions. Contact us today!