Miva Ecommerce Design & Development

Suncoast Porsche Parts & Accessories needed to match their Miva ecommerce parts and accessories site visually better to their high-end Porsche dealership site (http://suncoastporsche.com/). We had a lot of fun in the process and visual appeal as well as functionality and shoppability were number one priority during the re-design. We removed a large number of 3rd-party modules and replaced them with either built-in functionality or custom coding, to reduce site overhead and minimize potential future update issues.

Add-on Functionality:

  • MMUI to CSSUI Conversion
  • Printable Invoice
  • Terms & Conditions Agreement during Checkout
  • Additional Search Functionality
  • Constant Contact
  • Product Reviews & Ratings
  • Blog
  • Live Chat

  • Client:

    Suncoast Porsche Parts & Accessories

  • Site:


  • Platform:
    • Miva Ecommerce
  • Tasks:
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • Design
    • Integration
    • Customization
    • MMUI to CSSUI Conversion

Ric Knab - Internet Parts Director Suncoast Porsche PartsGlendale Designs is my “go-to” destination for our website. They helped to build our current website and it has been a huge success. It was a big investment and the GD team delivered. Even during the tricky times they were  able to fix and modify things as needed. I currently rely on them for any updates, designs, revisions, and builds. I also appreciate that Glendale Designs is honest and says “that’s a bad idea.” I value their insight. – Ric Knab