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The founders of Buckstop Inc. put their mechanical and industrial engineering backgrounds to the test in order to create the toughest product out there. They combine the aesthetics of modern truck designs with the heavy-duty capacity that their customers need. Buckstop is your source for durable, functional, high-quality truck winch bumpers and accessories.

The Client

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Dorian, one of the founders of Buckstop Inc., is the type of store owner who has “been there, done that”. In fact, his own experience is exactly how he came to create Buckstop to begin with. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and so the Buckstop custom, heavy-duty bumper modifications were born.

Buckstopinc.com is a producer of highly-engineered, heavy-duty bumpers and accessories for light and medium-duty trucks, vans, and SUVs. They lead in customization in their market, offering specifically tailored and high-quality parts for the serious outdoorsman. Dorian’s goal is to offer the trifecta of customization, quality, and functionality, ensuring the parts work as hard as his customers. 

The Challenge

As with so many other builds, Glendale was approached because Dorian and his team decided it was time for a new look and some upgraded features. 

He came to us with a handful of pain-points that needed to be addressed with the new site. The goals were to improve the user experience, increase and focus their reach, and streamline the back-end operations.

  • Improved search options were needed.
  • Listed production time was off-putting to some shoppers who wanted to buy and receive immediately. Not every shopper wanted to wait for custom-tailored pieces.
  • Keeping product in inventory would mean that shoppers could have products shipped next day, and that needed to be more transparent.
  • Best-sellers weren’t being given the attention they deserved, resulting in possible missed sales opportunities. 
  • The design of the site made it hard for shoppers to imagine the products on their vehicles. 
  • Cornering a specific part of the market meant that Buckstop had a leg up on their competition, and they needed a way to let their customers know. 
  • The old site operated between two different platforms, complicating the ordering and fulfillment process.

Glendale’s developers used a trained eye to narrow down a few other issues the site was experiencing that weren’t immediately obvious to the Buckstop team. We added the checkout section and some B2B functionality to the list of challenges.

The goals were to improve the user experience, increase and focus their reach, and streamline the back-end operations.

The Solution

Enhanced Search Functions

With such a broad scope of customization available and a very specific audience, Buckstopinc.com needed a way to deliver the right options to the right customers. This was going to call for some serious data restructuring and the application of combination facets. 

We consolidated product categories and applied descriptive facets. Customers can now use a parts finder feature to locate the items that specifically apply to their vehicle. Beyond just make and model, customers can also narrow down products by application (i.e. fire/emergency vehicles), price, and product availability. 

The new filtering capabilities made it easy for shoppers to scope out the products they could purchase and receive immediately. This leaves the custom-built products to the customers that want something one-of-a-kind crafted for their specific purposes. 

Enhanced Site Design

The rebuild for Buckstopinc.com included a bold new design. Wanting to keep a strong outward appearance, the new design was created with the clientele in mind. The aesthetic of the new site stuck to the same colors as the original. Brand recognition was carried over, but the addition of a tough, masculine font added a unique flare. 

The developers were able to feature galleries of images to help the client show off the products in action. With real-world images, shoppers can get a better idea of how the parts will look on their vehicles. Dorian and his team can also ensure their top-sellers get the limelight they deserve. 

With the strong design and spotlight on customization capabilities, the new site shows off what sets the Buckstop Inc. team apart from their competitors: unparalleled strength and quality, built for your needs.

Platform Conversion

The original site was mainly built on WordPress, with the shopping cart operating through Miva. This was an unnecessarily complicated setup that impeded the workflow of the Buckstop Inc. team. Converting the site entirely to Miva allowed the Glendale team to restructure the data. That made it easier for the customer to navigate the site, and the Buckstop team to process orders.

The Miva account and pricing functionality also made it easier for Dorian to give some special attention to his B2B clients. Dealers can now create wholesale accounts in order to access special options and pricing. 

Checkout Clean-Up

One of the most important sections of any eCommerce store is the checkout. It’s the final step of the process, and it’s where customers can easily get frustrated and abandon their purchases. The type of product that Buckstop sells means that shipping and production time can vary widely. The clean-up of the checkout process allowed for the addition of new shipping methods and overall polished the process.

The checkout now has a direct and clean flow, making it easy to complete your purchase with full transparency.

The Result

The final result of the Buckstopinc.com build is a powerful looking site, with equally powerful features. Enabling customers to sort for products specific to their vehicle helps cut through the noise of incompatible items. The product pages offer in-depth details and images to provide the shopper with all the information they need while doing their research. And the easy checkout helps convert the user from a browser into a customer. With striking images and well-structured data, the new site looks and functions beautifully for a prime user experience. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the features added to Dorian’s site or are considering your own site makeover, contact Glendale Designs to discuss your needs.

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