Export GD Ratings & Reviews

Example query to export GD Ratings & Reviews via database.

This example assumes a working knowledge of phpMyAdmin, MySQL databases and SQL queries, use at your own risk.

s01_GD_Ratings_Product_Reviews.title AS TITLE,
s01_GD_Ratings_Product_Reviews.overall AS RATING,
s01_GD_Ratings_Product_Reviews.summary AS SUMMARY,
s01_GD_Ratings_Product_Reviews.recommended AS RECOMMENDED,
s01_Products.code AS PRODUCT_CODE,
s01_GD_Ratings_Product_Reviews.approved AS APPROVED,
s01_GD_Ratings_Product_Reviews.created_at AS CREATED_AT,
s01_GD_Ratings_Users.nickname AS USER_NICKNAME,
s01_GD_Ratings_Users.email AS USER_EMAIL,
s01_GD_Ratings_Users.location AS USER_LOCATION

FROM s01_GD_Ratings_Product_Reviews

LEFT JOIN s01_Products
ON s01_GD_Ratings_Product_Reviews.product_id = s01_Products.id
LEFT JOIN s01_GD_Ratings_Users
ON s01_GD_Ratings_Product_Reviews.id = s01_GD_Ratings_Users.id
WHERE s01_Products.id IS NOT NULL

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