Should you upgrade your Miva store?

"Updates Available" button and associated auto-popup in the Miva admin

Having worked with Miva for many years now, we have fielded the questions “is it safe to upgrade” and “when should I upgrade” with every release.  Unfortunately there are many times when these questions are not asked and the process often looks something like this:

  1. Miva pushes out a major release of it’s popular ecommerce platform, chuck full of new features and goodies.
  2. That shiny orange “Updates Available” button and associated auto-popup in the Miva admin becomes all too enticing to ignore and/or the fear that not upgrading soon will go against Miva’s End of Life and Non-Compliance terms resulting in fees. A live, production store is upgraded and bugs/conflicts break the store or severly impact it’s ability to function properly.
  3. Mass panic ensues and there is a mad dash to find answers and solutions.

Just like Apple, Google, Microsoft and the other big software companies, Miva thoroughly tests their releases to reduce as many bugs and conflicts as possible, however it is still a major software release and there will inevitably be some sort of issue, with early adopters often paying a heavy price.

Our recommendation to all of our clients has alway been to never upgrade Miva, or any other software for that matter, immediately after the initial release.  Miva is relatively quick to push out bug fix updates, depending on the severity of the issues, we usually see 2-3 updates within a week to two weeks after an initial release.

Three to four weeks is generally considered the safe zone for Miva releases to be stable, however there can still be a number of specific bugs/conflicts that may impact your store, based on the particular setup or 3rd party modules in use. Often times we may have workarounds for some of these bugs/conflicts and recommend clients reach out to us so we can provide the latest information specific to their store. That way they can make an educated decision as to when to upgrade, well within Miva’s End of Life and Non-Compliance terms.

** Have questions or need assistance with upgrading your Miva store? Contact us today! 

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