Miva Tutorial: How To Set Up Free Shipping on Gift Certificates in Miva

Gift certificates have always been a fan favorite when it comes to gift-giving. They are general enough for those times when you need to provide thank-yous to people whom you don’t know very well (your child’s teachers, for example). They are personal enough to show you know where your friend, family member, or acquaintance likes to shop. And they are the perfect way to give a gift to that person who is hard to shop for; no need to exchange a gift when they pick it out themselves!

With the shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping, the gift certificate has remained a favorite, but can be pesky to set up in such a way that doesn’t unduly charge your customer extra fees. We’ve provided a step-by-step tutorial to get your gift certificate up and running in your Miva store without your customer being charged for shipping.

STEP ONE: Create your gift certificate product

Click to create a new product in Miva.  Fill the product information out completely, including a small product weight. Here, I’ve entered 0.03; your shipping module may need a number there in order to calculate a shipping cost, which will then be discounted. Be sure to create all necessary variants for the gift card as well. I’ve added three options: $25, $50, and $500 (for the big spenders). If you’re not sure how to create a gift certificate in Miva, click here to follow their step-by-step guide, but remember, include a weight when you create the product.

STEP TWO: Create a price group

From the home screen, click on the Marketing button to take you to the Price Groups page.
From here, you will create a new price group called “Gift Certificates – Free Shipping”.

Click on the “+” to create your price group. When the “Add Price Group” window appears, enter the name “Gift Certificates – Free Shipping”.

STEP THREE: Edit your price group options

You will need to select the following attributes to ensure your free shipping method appears when it should, and only on the items it should.  For Eligibility, select “All Shoppers” and set the Type to “Shipping Discount (Discounted Products Only)”. Be sure to select this type instead of “Shipping Discount (Entire Order)”. That way, if someone purchased a regular product as well as a gift certificate, they will only receive free shipping on the gift certificate item.

Under Method Selection, click the button to select the option “Replace Shipping Method Name with” and enter “Free Shipping”. Do the same in the Display in Basket section.

STEP FOUR: Choose your shipping method

Find your desired shipping method under the Method Discounts list and set that value to “100”. Ensure the discount method is changed from “Fixed” to “Percent”.

Be sure to keep in mind any existing shipping rules you may have in place when you select your shipping method. For example, if you already have a rule that Standard Ground shipping is only available on orders of $60 or more, and your customer is purchasing a gift certificate for $50, the method won’t be available to them.

Enter “Free Shipping” in the Basket Description field. Click save to complete the price group.

STEP FIVE: Connect your gift certificate to your price group

Now that you have created the gift certificate product, and have created your price group, you need to connect the two. With your new price group selected, you will be going into both Qualifying Products as well as Discounted Products to select your gift certificate and it’s variants.

Click on Qualifying Products and search for your gift certificate item. Assign the gift certificate by clicking on the toggle under the Assigned header. If you created variants for your gift certificate, make sure you assign all of the variants as well. If you can’t see your variants, click on the show products button to turn your view to “All”. Once they are assigned, click the close button.

Repeat the process by clicking on the Discounted Products button and assigning your gift certificate here as well.

And you’re done!  Now, if a customer purchases a gift certificate alone, your site will show a free shipping method in the checkout and the shipping estimate list. If they purchase another regular item along with the gift certificate, shipping will be calculated minus the gift certificate. Don’t miss out on the $160 billion gift card/certificate industry this gift-giving season and give this method a try.

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