Import Yotpo Reviews by Product ID

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The initial release of Yotpo for Miva associated reviews based on database product id vs. product code. If your Yotpo reviews are using this method, the following additional steps are required to import into GD Ratings & Reviews.

NOTE: Yotpo’s export uses DateTime string format. These values will need to be converted to Unix Timestamp format or the module will specify the current date for all imported reviews.

  1. Add a new import in Miva.
  2. Select the GD Ratings & Reviews Import Module.
  3. For “Import Type” select “Add New Product Reviews by Product ID Only” option.
  4. Choose to either map fields automatically or manually for the specific import file you already have.
  5. Go to “Import/Export”, select the new import in the Import Data column.
  6. Perform import.

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