What Fishbowl Has to Offer as An Inventory Management System

For large-volume producers and sellers, coordinating your manufacturing, inventory, purchase orders, and accounting was a logistical quagmire. With so many moving pieces and different departments and locations involved, things were easily jumbled, slipped through the cracks, and were generally inefficient. Until automated inventory management systems came along.

While most inventory systems could help you organize your stock, and maybe even orders and shipping, they fell flat when it came to manufacturing and accounting. Fishbowl is here to change that. 

We can confidently say that Fishbowl is tried and tested, with clients like General Electric, the US Air Force, and NASA on their roster. These global titans are proof that Fishbowl has the capability of managing your workflows with ease. 

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Fishbowl’s collection of solutions will help you scale your growing business to new heights, and help to make your already thriving business more efficient and effective.

Fishbowl Manufacturing & Warehouse

Easy Accuracy. 

Accuracy and efficiency go hand in hand, and they lead to profitability. Reduce your overhead costs by taking advantage of pinpoint accuracy. Barcode scanning eliminates human error. Serial and lot numbers help track detailed inventory levels, locations, expiry dates and more. Stay compliant with the detailed Bill of Materials capabilities, able to handle complex units of measurement, multi-level production documentation, and catalogs of serial numbers.

Fishbowl’s automation means they take care of the complicated structures and workflows to help ensure accuracy on demand, and lower risk of waste.

In-depth Integrations. 

Built-in integrations to your existing CRMs, EDIs, accounting software, and eCommerce platforms allows Fishbowl to more easily help you with your day-to-day operations. Monitor your real-time inventory levels and product info. Send site orders directly to Fishbowl through your eCommerce platform for instant order processing and inventory updates. 

Notably, you can combine your QuickBooks or Xero accounting software with Fishbowl to take advantage of barcoding and serial numbers, purchase order management, and live asset tracking. These, along with dozens of other integrations, let you add Fishbowl to your already powerful arsenal of tools.

Order Management and Creation. 

The ability to create, schedule, order, categorize, and customize work orders is part of what sets Fishbowl apart from other inventory managers. Whether they are full-scale work orders or build-to-order, you can easily manage the specifics, customized to your workflow and your manufacturing processes.

Besides production work orders, Fishbowl can also help you manage store purchases. Automatically generating production and purchase orders means you will always have available stock - no more delayed or cancelled orders. Alternatively, the MRP system can help ensure production begins automatically at low-stock points or scheduled dates so you always have plenty on the shelf.

Advanced Logistics. 

Beyond helping you collect orders, organize manufacturing, and automate your inventory, Fishbowl can also help with your transportation and logistics. With their 3PL capabilities, you can set up drop shipments, and organize your inventory locations down to the shelf. 

Having the capabilities to manage multiple warehouse locations, you can move your stock and consign it to specific retailers and locations on a broad or granular level.

Fishbowl Online.

The cloud-based inventory management allows you and your team to collaborate and access the same data from anywhere in the world. Coordinating your shipments, production, and inventory is easier than ever. 

With real-time updates to keep your stock current, you can eliminate over-selling and build a communal workflow to ensure the highest level of efficiency.

Other Fishbowl Products

Fishbowl Anywhere. 

By installing the Fishbowl server on any device, you can log in and access the full suite of products. Keep your production and warehouse managers in sync with your sales people and business managers. 

Fishbowl Go.

Putting Fishbowl into the palm of your hand, this mobile app allows your ground-floor workers to access the system while they work. Use it to scan barcodes and perform many key inventory actions with your phone for easy accessibility.

Fishbowl Checkout.

Operating as a point of sale/order processing system, Checkout integrates with Manufacturing and Warehouse to help you solve all your business needs. This retail software offers sales and payment processing to work hand-in-hand with the rest of your system.

Fishbowl Time.

As a business owner, one of your greatest assets is your team. Fishbowl has a system to help with that, too. Time allows your employees to clock in and out of work, and allows you to more easily calculate labor costs, production costs and more. 

Fishbowl ShipExpress.

A free product built into Manufacturing and Warehouse, ShipExpress gives you natively integrated access to all the big carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS and over 50 others. Price shop to get the best possible rates and maximize your profits.

What Else Does Fishbowl Have?

In addition to their large collection of solutions, they also offer training, hosting, and even recommended hardware like scanners and printers. Fishbowl has tailored their products to give you everything you need to run efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re already producing on a large scale and are looking for an automated solution, or you’re starting to grow your small business and need a boost on scaling, Fishbowl can provide you with the tools you’ll need.

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