Shopper Approved


Earning customer trust in an online marketplace can be tough and good reviews can be a double-edged sword. Customers want to feel confident in your products and services, but too many good reviews can make shoppers suspicious. That’s why using a third-party review system can be critical to building faith in your brand. Shopper Approved is an award-winning service that will amalgamate your reviews into one place, provide testimonial and survey tools, as well as a first-rate customer resolution center. Glendale Designs can work with Shopper Approved to get the system set up for you with zero downtime and instant loading.

Your Stars Align With Shopper Approved

  • Distribution Across The Biggest Markets: Shopper Approved has one of the largest syndication networks online. This means your reviews will show in all the places that really count, like Google, Yahoo, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.
  • No Offers, Incentives, or Ads: Collecting reviews without the use of incentive tools means you can trust that the reviews left for your brand and products will be honest, accurate, and thoughtful.
  • Merchant Reviews for Visibility: Merchant reviews are crucial to ecommerce stores. They are the most accessible reviews online and are displayed in vital locations like Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo Ad Networks.
  • Product Reviews for Shoppers: Shopper Approved will display product reviews and star ratings in Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and Google Shopping to augment your listings and catch attention.
  • Local Reviews for Physical Locations: If your ecommerce site has a corresponding brick & mortar location, local reviews from Shopper Approved will get more traffic in the door.
  • Simple Setup: Because Shopper Approved is web-based, Glendale Designs can get it set up for you quickly and easily with zero down-time and a perfectly smooth integration to your existing site.
  • Customizable Surveys: Offering a variety of standard surveys that can integrate beautifully into your website means you can get started with no extra attention required. However, you can also customize the survey designs and questions to tailor them specifically to your site.
  • Customer Resolute Center: Shopper Approved monitoring means that if you receive a 1- or 2-star rating, you will be instantly alerted and given options to contact the reviewer in order to help address the issue and improve your rating.
  • Leave Review Responses for Transparency: The option to publicly reply to any review allows you to be completely transparent with your customer base regarding the steps you take to address issues. It also gives you an opportunity to personally thank your customers and build a rapport.
  • Scalable Pricing Model:  With a pay-as-you-grow style of pricing and no long-term contracts, you can find a pricing plan that fits not only the stage your business is at now, but also your plans to grow.

By having Glendale Designs include Shopper Approved to your marketing plan, you can experience the benefits of having a loyal customer base grow and respond to your brand. Contact us today to get started with your trial and add your own stars to the millions of reviews already left with Shopper Approved.


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