Inventory Management Made For You

A busy website means a bustling warehouse. That “warehouse” might be in a back room at your brick-and-mortar location, or it might be in a 10,000 square foot facility. Regardless, you’re responsible for meticulously tracking it. Having skewed inventory is the surest way to over-sell, improperly pick, and mis-ship your products. SkuVault helps you manage that while you grow your business.

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Inventory and warehouse management for growth.

While you’re busy handling sales, marketing, customer service, and online side of your growing eCommerce business, the last thing you want to worry about is whether those hard-earned orders are being fulfilled properly on your end. You should be able to trust that your system is working for you. However, human error happens, especially when you’re managing your inventory with an underqualified or outdated form of software.

SkuVault can provide those solutions for you, so you have one less thing to worry about:

Supply Chain

  • Multiple Warehouses. Operating from the cloud, you can manage multiple warehouses from all over the country, without worrying about messages getting lost in transmission. You can also know at the touch of a button where your inventory is amongst your multiple warehouses, for faster order fulfillment.
  • Manage Suppliers. Import supplier information directly into the purchase order templates, monitor lead times, and calculate costs all in one spot. SkuVault helps to streamline your vendor information.
  • Reduce Overhead. The reporting system in SkuVault allows you to forecast trends in your inventory. Knowing what you need to buy, and when, will help you free up your cash flow and prevent stale stock.

Inventory Management

  • Live Updates. Make sure your left hand knows what the right is doing, with regular live updates. Every 5 minutes, your inventory syncs to ensure all warehouses and orders have communicated to reflect the correct stock.
  • Inventory Auditing. Regular cycle counts will cut down on manual inventory management costs. Cycle counting allows you to verify your inventory one section at a time; by scheduling it properly, you can minimize your physical counts and ensure your numbers are accurate at any given time.
  • Stock Level Cutoffs. Set low-stock cutoffs and inventory buffers for your items, either on a per-product basis, or globally. This will help create a sense of urgency for your shoppers when they see there are “Only 3 left!” while also making sure you actually have a few more on hand than those 3. Don’t get caught having to refund orders when you find your stock was miscounted or inventory came in damaged. 
  • Barcodes. Implementing barcode scanning will deliver accuracy and speed to your receiving and picking processes. No more manual data entry, user error, or transposing numbers. 
  • Purchase Orders. Create and send detailed purchase orders directly from SkuVault’s system. Create custom printable PO templates, and order based on inventory reporting for full flexibility.
  • Inventory Holds. Place specific stock, in specific quantities, on hold. This feature works seamlessly with promotions and flash sales, maintaining stock on hand for dedicated deals. 

SkuVault Integrates With Your Site Catalog

  • Product Import and Export. SkuVault integrates with your existing product catalog and works with the same formatting to produce detailed inventory items. Include SKUs, product names, attributes, suppliers, cost and more. 
  • Expiration Protection. Avoid forgotten and expired inventory by using First-In-First-Out and First-Expired-First-Out optimization. If you have items that expire (whether food, beauty, or medicine), you can save yourself on shrinkage and manual monitoring costs.
  • Individual Serialization. If you offer custom, personalized, limited quantity, or one-of-a-kind products, you can use the serial number solution to manage the orders from start to finish. Assign unique serial numbers to limited items for easy tracking.
  • Kits and Bundles. Everyone loves a good deal but using the native kit systems of some eCommerce platforms can be a hassle. You can use SkuVault to create unique bundles and kits for your shoppers to encourage higher order value while maintaining accurate inventory levels through automation. 

Pick, Pack, Ship

  • Automated Picking. Auto-generated picking lists will pinpoint the exact location and quantity needed of your items. Your employees are able to make real-time notes about discrepancies in inventory location, and quality control issues with products.
  • Assembly Reports. For “Lite Manufacturers” - those who customize and personalize products in-house - you can arrange assembly reports, to ensure the correct base products are being pulled. This leads to lower mis-prints, mis-ships, and lost revenue.
  • Shipping Management. Integrating with popular shipping systems like ShipWorks and ShipStation, SkuVault can produce packing slips, and sync your order status, weight, and quantities. By combining systems, you can reduce manual shipping costs and mis-ship errors.
  • In-Depth Reporting. All your sales channels are funneled into one point-and-click report. Take note of forecasting, sales targets, and inventory levels that allow you to replenish stock, monitor incoming and outgoing shipments, and warehouse activity.

SkuVault Customer Service

  • Onboarding. Choose from custom onboarding packages to make sure you’ve got the solution that works for your unique team and workflow. Personalized training will help your team work together as a seamless unit, getting the most out of the SkuVault system. 
  • Support. Reach out to SkuVault’s customer service and support team by phone, email, or service ticket. Want to do your own digging? Dive into the SkuVault community forums to learn tips and tricks from other users. 

Besides the features listed above, you can also enjoy SkuVault’s easy integration with a wide range of accounting systems, shipping platforms, third-party marketplace channels, eCommerce platforms, and more. Let your systems communicate with each other to ensure everyone is on the same page, to reduce error and increase revenue. 

To find out more about SkuVault and if the system is right for you, contact us. Our eCommerce experts can explore your workflow with you to help determine how SkuVault can fit into your daily processes, and make things run a little bit faster, smoother, and more efficiently.