Build Your Business

Shopify and ShopifyPlus offer eCommerce store owners like you a full menu of scalable services. Such services include payment processing, marketing and SEO insights, customer engagement tools and warehouse/shipping aid.  Their large range of options, available at both small and enterprise levels (and everything in between), means they have you covered while you grow your business. Glendale Designs is here to help you get started with our expert team of designers and developers, store audits and strategic planning.

Shopify: A Platform Solution for Every Size

  • Build From the Ground Up:
    Starting at coming up with a business name and securing a domain, to designing and listing your first products, Shopify is with you from the very beginning.
  • Multiple Sales Channels: 
    Beyond your own eCommerce site, Shopify also enables you to list your products on social media, online marketplaces (like Amazon and Walmart), and even in-person retail locations.
  • Marketing and SEO Tools:
    Use built in features to explore your visitor analytics and insights to help fine tune your marketing practices.
  • Marketing Automation:
    Take some of the marketing pressure off your shoulders with Shopify’s automated marketing app, Kit. 
  • Easy Order Fulfillment: 
    Fulfill your orders with a single click. By using the centralized inventory feature, you can be sure your orders can be filled accurately and easily without overlap.
  • Shopify Shipping: 
    Give your customers peace of mind with up-to-date rate calculations and tracking information, while you save time and money with label printing and preferred rates.
  • Secure and Comprehensive Payment Options:
    With PCI-Compliant servers, fully encrypted security, and easy integration with over 100 third-party payment gateways, Shopify provides complete comfort for your customers during checkout.
  • Easy-To-Use Dashboard:  
    Give yourself the freedom to manage your business from anywhere on one clean and easy-to-use dashboard, available on desktop, mobile, and with staff accounts with custom permissions.

If you think Shopify has what you need to get started with your business, signup now or contact us to discuss your project needs