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Did you know that if you have a contact form on your website, that you are collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII)? 

Several states have already passed privacy laws to protect the PII of the consumers of those states. These laws require most websites that collect PII to have a Privacy Policy. 

Dozens of other states are proposing the introduction of their own privacy laws, each with their requirements for what your Privacy Policy needs to disclose as well as unique penalties for not complying. 

Some states are proposing private right of action, meaning citizens of that state can sue businesses of any size, located anywhere in the US, for not having a compliant Privacy Policy. With proposed fines of non-compliance of up to $7,500 per violation (per website visitor), this has obviously become a source of concern for small business owners - not to mention a source of headaches! Your business doesn’t have to be located in that state for those laws to apply to you!

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That is why we partnered with Termageddon. 

I'm sure you have seen some of the generators on-line that you fill in information about your company, and it generates policies. These automated generators may seem like a great option; they are fast and easy. But they are also very general, and don't guarantee your site's safety.

Termageddon, on the other hand, is not a robot. The company has real attorneys keeping up with the legal changes and crafting verbiage that abides by the laws. They constantly monitor the changing bills and laws to ensure that their policies are up to date and working to protect you.  

Within minutes you will be able to create your Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, Disclaimers, and End User License Agreements by answering questions for each policy and the setup process. The beauty of this is these policies will be compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Nevada privacy law, SB220, CalOPPA, and the California Consumer Privacy Act.  Termageddon now also offers Canadian compliance, including PIPEDA disclaimers, for any business owned or run in Canada.

What could make this better? If these laws change, they automatically update your policies for you, helping you stay compliant and avoid fines and lawsuits.  

Glendale Designs has performed the research for you, Termageddon is the only on-line Privacy Policy generator listed as a trusted vendor of the largest privacy organization in the world, the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

A Termageddon license includes an auto-updating Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, and End User License Agreement, all for $12/month (or $119/year).

After you set up your policies, you can share your license with us so that we can go in and grab the code to put on your website.

Contact us to discuss how we can help or get started here. And protect your business today!

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