A big part of e-commerce is building relationships with your customers based on the data they volunteer. This data lets you better understand their shopping habits, what they do and don’t like, and what they are really searching for. Properly using this data to foster relationships also builds your business and develops your brand. Klaviyo combines consumer data collection with marketing into a seamless tool that will assist you in forming those relationships. Glendale Designs is standing by to integrate Klaviyo into your existing network of CRMs, e-commerce platforms, helpdesk software, rewards programs and more, for a completely harmonized store experience.

Klaviyo helps you connect where it really matters

Listening to your customers - to their browsing and search activity, shopping patterns, and general behavior on your site - is the first crucial step in being able to target and customize your marketing plan.  See how Klaviyo can help you gather the data you need:

  • Expansive Integration Options: With an extensive network of integrations, Glendale Designs can connect and coordinate Klaviyo with all the biggest e-commerce, helpdesk, rewards, payment, and shipping programs, systems and tools. This means you can learn from every step of your customer’s shopping journey.
  • Customizable Form Design: Tailoring the data-collection forms you use to your brand will make your visitors feel comfortable, knowing that you care about what they need, instead of just mining them for statistics.
  • Personalized From Functionality: Just as important as designing the form to look appealing, personalizing how and when the form appears can determine the success of it. Triggering the forms to appear at certain times, to specific visitors, and display targeted messages will help you find the information you really need.
  • Detailed Customer Profiles: Klaviyo displays customer-specific data in a neat yet powerful customer profile. Subscribing, purchasing, product views, email interaction, personal information and more, are available for you in a chronological timeline, right at your fingertips.

Now that you’ve gathered the information you need, Klaviyo can help you analyze and interpret it into a useful format that you can understand.

  • Dynamic Segmentation: Build segments and sort your visitors based on the information you’ve gathered about their behavioral and transactional activities. This feature will allow you to get better results through highly relevant marketing campaigns.
  • Predictive Analytics: Klaviyo uses data science and machine learning to determine who your likely big-spenders are, who is at risk for abandoning their carts, and even when you can expect the next purchase to be made.
  • Campaign and Site Reporting: A detailed dashboard can show you the metrics you find helpful and remove the ones you don’t. Giving you feedback on the performance of your marketing campaigns, with specifics into opens, clicks, revenue, and shifts in trends.
  • Customer Analytics: Use your data to determine changing trends and possible success of future campaigns. By providing you insight into the potential success of a campaign means you can tailor and adjust your next steps to get the most out of your efforts.

Understanding your data means you know how to transform it into real revenue. Capitalize on your newly acquired statistics by building a custom marketing experience and connecting with your customers.

  • Automated Email Flows: Automation is music to a business-owner’s ears. By allowing the Klaviyo email flows to work for you, you can set it and forget it. Use real-time data to craft personalized emails and set up triggers and branch them to lead each shopper on their own unique path.
  • Rich Data for Concise Triggers: By going beyond the basics, you can set up highly customized pop-ups and offers to be triggered at just the right time, to just the right shoppers. 
  • Extend Your Social Outreach: Sync your data to and from Facebook and Instagram to make sure you’re getting the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

Designed for e-commerce, Klaviyo integrates with all your existing tools and systems, and combines the ever-growing world of data capturing with crucial marketing methods. Contact Glendale Designs today and we can help you rejuvenate your existing ecosystem by integrating Klaviyo.