Take The Guesswork Out Of Your B2B Transactions

Apruve is in the business of making selling easier and more profitable for you. They do this by taking the hassle and headache out of collecting payment and removing the collecting process altogether. As an automated credit network specifically for use in B2B operations, Apruve takes care of credit approval, invoicing, collections, and payments so you can focus on selling. Glendale Designs can connect Apruve’s API to all the top ERP and e-commerce platforms for a painless integration to your existing store.

Straightforward B2B transactions with Apruve

Manual processing, sending endless payment reminders and invoices, calculating interest, and credit approval are a thing of the past with Apruve’s automated credit system.

  • A/R Reporting: Building accounting reports are a hassle at the best of times, but when you’re calculating the amount of money still owed to you, it becomes an especially odious task. Apruve makes DSO (days sales outstanding), Aging, and DBT (days beyond term) reports obsolete by paying all invoices within 24 hours of issuance.
  • Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment: Automated invoicing with Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) means that every order is invoiced automatically, and payments are properly applied.
  • More Revenue from Your Sales: We all know time is money, so reducing the time spent on each transaction means your manpower can be applied to other parts of the business and your cost per transaction goes down!
  • Increase Working Capital: Knowing you will be paid promptly means you can stop trying to balance your money in, money out, and add inventory.
  • Encourage Sales with Faster Approvals: A credit approval rate of as little as 3 minutes means potential clients can become paying clients faster and easier.
  • API Integration: Glendale Designs can configure the Apruve API directly to your back-end order management system. Validating credit limits, creating and processing invoices, and receiving payments has never been faster.
  • Buyer Portal: Giving your customers autonomy with Apruve’s Buyer Portal allows them to access and review current and past invoices, make payments, and manage their buying teams 24/7 without additional customer service time.

Dealing with large transactions can be stressful enough without also having to worry about unpaid invoices. Apruve’s credit network will help you take the worry out of building your business, by encouraging purchases and getting you paid. Contact Glendale Designs to get Apruve integrated into your system today.


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