Having already powered more than $100 billion in online sales, Miva is ready and waiting to take on your store and help you grow it. Glendale Designs is eager to put our decades (since 1997) of Miva experience to work for you.  As an e-commerce platform that caters to businesses from small to enterprise levels, Miva can offer you the customization, scalability, and stability you need to reach your goals. Likewise, Glendale’s team of Miva experts will be there to provide you the support you need to grow within the platform. 

Miva B2C: Ecommerce for Retail

Attract visitors, turn those visitors into shoppers, and keep those shoppers coming back with Miva’s B2C Retail option. 

  • Marketing and SEO Integrations:
    Boosting your traffic means boosting your sales! Increase your organic search numbers with easy marketing integrations.
  • Google Shopping Feed Management:
    Stay relevant in the ever-changing online retail space by keeping up with Google.
  • Responsive Design:
    Adapt your site to the growing popularity of mobile devices; increase your tablet and mobile phone traffic by boasting a fast and responsive layout.
  • Customize Pricing and Promotions:
    Be in total control of your prices, your promotions, and your sales with custom coupons, scheduled promotional events, and in-depth conditional discounts.
  • Upselling and Cross-Sell:
    Personalize the shopping experience for your customers with special checkout offers and intelligent product recommendations.
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty Options:
    Show your customers you care; email marketing, cart abandonment solutions, loyalty programs and subscription services attract and keep a loyal fan-base.

Miva B2B: Wholesaler Solutions

Complex, high volume, and recurring orders are handled expertly with Miva’s B2B Wholesaler option.

  • Unlimited Variations for Complex Products:
    Sell your products the way you want to with unlimited product variants.
  • High Volume Order Management:
    Don’t worry about overloading the system; your clients can purchase high volumes with confidence.
  • Transactions Tailored to B2B Sales:
    Offer account-based pricing solutions, multichannel distribution, and order queues to make the most out of your Supplier-Purchaser relationships.
  • Alternative Payment Processing Solutions:
    Beyond typical credit card gateways, take advantage of lines of credit, checks and ACH payments, and invoice-based accounts.
  • Automated Shipping and Fulfillment:
    Integration with major couriers, live inventory, and order prioritization takes the hassle off your hands.
  • Customize your B2B Accounts:
    Set up automatic reordering, account-based availability, and payment terms for your clients to elevate their purchasing experience.
  • Optimized Ordering Processes:
    With the option of CSV-upload ordering, order forms, and sophisticated shopping carts that can manage multiple products, purchasing from you is easy and reliable.

Glendale Designs works closely with Miva daily and offers all the services you need to get started, like:

  • New store design & development
  • Audits & upgrades
  • Module installation & integrating
  • Marketing & SEO consultation
  • Security & fraud analysis
  • Site Maintenance
  • Blog & site copywriting

If you think Miva is the right solution for your retail or wholesale eCommerce needs, please reach out to us to discuss your project in detail.