Today’s commerce climate is becoming more and more reliant on digital and online sales. With the influx of eCommerce websites, buying and selling has never been easier or more convenient. It does, however, leave the door open for new and increasingly detrimental forms of fraud. While store owners no longer need to be concerned with bad checks, particularly in the online sector, the risk of payment fraud is still just as prevalent in cases of stolen credit cards, identity theft, and phishing scams. With the looming risk of chargeback fees on top of lost merchandise and countless man-hours spent handling the fraud cases, the consequences can be costly, frustrating, and harmful to your store’s reputation.

Luckily, there are protections you can put in place to help prevent your eCommerce store from being targeted. Beyond industry standards like being PCI compliant, and using SSL certificates, you should also be employing a third-party fraud protection service. Signifyd is here to protect you from being part of the over $60 billion in fraud expenses thus far, and Glendale Designs is here to help you get Signifyd installed and integrated onto your site. 

So who exactly is Signifyd?

  • Headquartered in Silicon Valley in California since 2011
  • Key investors include American Express, Andreessen Horowitz and Bill McKiernan, founder of CyberSource
  • Over $9B in sales protected across more than 10,000 online stores across 100+ countries

They are now the world’s largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection.

With Signifyd’s 100% financial guarantee against fraud, they will offer a layer of security that covers both your customers and yourself through thorough authentication checks, chargeback recovery, and INR (item-not-received) protection. With Signifyd watching your back, you’ll be left free to focus on making more sales, and freeing up your internal resources.

Don’t accept the liability for fraud, where the responsibility is unfairly put on the merchant. Especially since Signified is willing to provide you with a zero fraud liability, 100% guaranteed! Beyond the protection guarantee that comes with Signifyd, you also get access to a powerful dashboard that details each order, and you can integrate the system into your ecommerce platform’s order workflow structure. 

If you’re concerned about your financial protection, and preserving your brand’s reputation for safety and security, let us set up a demo for you with Signifyd. You will be able to experience firsthand:

  • Substantial increase your % of approved orders
  • Reduction in order review times by more than 80%
  • Approval rate that averages over 99% across retailers
  • Receiving approvals/declines in less than 1 second
  • Manually reviewed orders for extra security, when necessary

Whether you’re running a Miva or BigCommerce store, Glendale Designs can help you integrate this state-of-the-art security system to put your mind at ease and free up your time for more enjoyable aspects of running your business. Join the thousands of other merchants who take advantage of the 380% return on investment upon installing Signifyd.

Eliminate your investigation time and chargeback fees, strengthen your existing fraud and authentication tools, increase order acceptance, and retain legitimate customers by adding Signifyd’s fraud protection and chargeback recovery.  Contact us and Glendale will be happy to help set up a demo for you!

Optimize Revenue - Eliminate Credit Card Fraud!