End-to-end dropship automation for high-volume sellers.

Selling more, selling faster, and selling easier - the trifecta for eCommerce growth. Flxpoint takes care of all three of those for you and much more. 

The key to growth in the eCommerce industry is now speedy order fulfillment but that has become increasingly difficult to accomplish these days. You’re now able to reach the global market, sending your products worldwide, but transport costs are ever rising, as are consumer expectations. 

Dropshipping orders from trusted vendors is an easy and less expensive way to meet those expectations. But with some retailers having dozens of suppliers, this gets complicated and expensive very quickly.  Between custom integrations, inventory management, channel connections, and more, managing these processes can be overwhelming. 

Flxpoint is a SaaS solution that automates the workflow for you, so you can focus more on what you’re passionate about, and less on the logistics of it all.

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Multi-source, Multi-channel Commerce, Managed by Flxpoint

Take a look at what Flxpoint offers to see if it’s right to help grow your dropship business.

Product Information Management

Flxpoint’s approach to product information management (PIM) allows you to handle thousands of products from multiple suppliers all at once. 

  • Eliminate duplicate and overlapping products from different suppliers, and map your inventory and pricing to ensure you maximize your profits while still offering your shoppers the best possible deals.
  • Use automation to combine and optimize product data from multiple sources to offer the best possible representation of your products. 
  • Consolidate and organize your product, category, and attribute data in one place to allow your catalog to grow without becoming overwhelming or difficult to manage.
  • Use Flxpoint’s PIM system to combine products and suppliers into the perfect kits and bundles for your shoppers! Offering unique combinations of products will help you stand out from your competitors.

Inventory Maintenance 

Get the most out of your supplier connections by syncing, combining, and monitoring your stock levels.

  • Flxpoint can consolidate products that are spread across multiple suppliers and warehouses so you don’t have to worry about over-selling.
  • Set your own rules for when to update stock levels, and buffers to prevent accidental over-selling.

Multi-channel Listing

That means multi-channel selling! Reach as many consumers as possible with multiple sales avenues, all managed in one space. 

  • Channel-specific pricing allows you to account for fees and operational costs between different selling platforms.
  • Flxpoint has pre-built connectors that help you avoid messy and accident-prone spreadsheet uploads. You can push new product data to channels without the manual data entry.

Reseller Portal for B2B Companies

If you’re trying to grow your B2B business, use Flxpoint’s Reseller Portal to connect your brand with resellers.

  • Quickly onboard your new retailers.
  • Manage your product feeds and inventory levels.
  • Control product access for incentivised selling.
  • Simplify your accounting workflows with automated invoicing and ordering.

Optimized Order Management

Automate your order logistics to multiple warehouses, wholesalers, and internal inventory stocks.

  • Order routing rules will help optimize your order fulfillment to ensure the lowest possible operational cost to you, and the quickest shipping time for your shoppers.
  • Integrate your preferred couriers to get real-time pricing and routing information.
  • Automate your cross-docking and bulk purchases in order to streamline the shipping process.

Hands-off Accounting and Invoices

You’ll get to enjoy Flxpoint’s hands-off, automated accounting system that takes care of your invoicing and sales records, even integrating with your accounting software, like Quickbooks.

  • Keep your numbers in order with automated invoice reconciliation, without having to import complicated spreadsheets.
  • Use reporting to identify your most profitable products and channels, and pinpoint weak spots in your inventory.
  • Notifications let you know when your cost of goods sold doesn’t match up, making sure you keep the best profit ratio possible.

With dedicated API and EDI teams, hundreds of pre-integrated suppliers, and self-service portals, you’ll be able to connect quickly and easily to your suppliers. Managing your dropshipping and cross-selling will be easier (and more profitable) than ever when you use Flxpoint’s suite of solutions. Contact us for more information or find out if Flxpoint is right for your business.

List more, sell more, manage better.

Easier than ever before!