In today's digital age, websites serve as the gateway to information and services, making web accessibility more crucial than ever. Evolving guidelines and an increase in lawsuits means you need to be making accessibility a priority in your site maintenance. Sometimes, this means updates to code and design, but a big part of remaining compliant can be taken off your shoulders by a solution like Equally.ai. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Equally AI offers an innovative solution to automatically scan, analyze, and optimize your site for accessibility. The application stays up-to-date, requires little (if any) up-keep, and will help to keep your site compliant with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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Unleashing the Power of AI for Accessibility

Equally AI is a trailblazer in the realm of web accessibility, harnessing the full potential of AI to ensure a seamless and efficient process. Its intelligent algorithms conduct thorough and accurate assessments, identifying accessibility issues with precision. This powerful technology streamlines the optimization process, leaving you with the time you need to run your business.

Meeting Standards with Finesse

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are one set of directives that benchmark website accessibility in addition to ADA, Section 508, EN 301 549. Equally AI is designed to meet the latest WCAG standards, encompassing a wide range of accessibility requirements. By employing Equally AI's services, you can rest assured that your website will be available and enjoyable to people with diverse disabilities, fostering inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for all.

Personalized Accessibility Interface

One-size-fits-all solutions do not suffice when it comes to web accessibility. Understanding this, Equally AI provides an interface that empowers your site visitors to personalize their browsing experience according to their unique needs and preferences. This personalization ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for all users, regardless of their abilities.

Automated Fixes & Manual Interventions

Equally AI goes above and beyond simple automated fixes. By combining daily automated scans, automated adjustments and manual interventions, the platform ensures accurate, comprehensive, and unlimited remediations of accessibility issues. This hybrid approach guarantees that any potential barriers are identified and resolved effectively, delivering a fully inclusive and accessible website.

A Singular Focus on Web Accessibility

While many services offer a wide range of features, Equally AI focuses solely on web accessibility. This clear dedication demonstrates their commitment to promoting inclusive online experiences. By choosing Equally AI, you align yourself with a solution that prioritizes accessibility expertise and continuous improvement, ensuring your website is at the forefront of inclusivity.

Brand Customization & Uncompromised Security

Maintaining brand identity is crucial for any organization. Equally AI understands this, which is why their platform offers customization options. You can effortlessly adjust the accessibility interface to suit your brand's colors, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious user experience.

But it doesn’t just look good. Equally AI takes security very seriously. Prioritizing cybersecurity and employing the best-in-class security technology protects both your website and your users. You can also take advantage of their easy safe mode testing, so you know everything is right before taking it live.

Apart from being the right thing to do, web accessibility is also a legal requirement. According to a recent ruling by the U.S Department of Justice (DOJ), websites are considered 'places of public accommodations' and must be accessible to people with disabilities. By using Equally AI, you can mitigate the risks of potential lawsuits, create more inclusive web experiences, and expand your market reach.

ARIA: Amplifying Accessibility Testing

Equally AI's ARIA (AI-Driven Rapid Interface Assessment) feature maximizes the power of their robust AI technology. Within seconds, ARIA thoroughly tests your website and generates a detailed and accurate accessibility report. This comprehensive report highlights areas that require attention and provides helpful descriptions and insights, making it easier for you to understand the results.


Equally AI stands as a game-changer in the field of web accessibility, utilizing advanced AI technology to promote inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards. With its efficient and accurate assessments, personalized accessibility interface, and unwavering commitment to web accessibility, Equally AI empowers site owners to create a more inclusive and accessible online world. By adopting the system, you can ensure that your website is not only compliant with regulations but also fosters an environment where all users can access your content and services seamlessly. Let us know if you have any questions, and get started with Equally.ai today.