Automated Accessibility Compliance

Website accessibility has been a long-overlooked part of the design and development process. Internet usage is now a vital aspect to most of our daily lives, whether at work, school, or home. A massive 15% of people have some sort of disability that prevents them from using most websites the same way as the rest of the population. Misinformation and an unclear collection of compliance guidelines have only served to increase the gap between site owners and 15% of the market that they can’t reach. AccessiBe is bridging that gap. 

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Accessibility, affordability, and automation with AccessiBe

Accessibility and compliance often comes down to small changes that can be made in the design and format of the site. But extensive testing is usually needed to find those shortfalls, which can be expensive and tedious. AccessiBe takes care of the testing and the compliance for you.

  • Avoid Lawsuits: The lines of website accessibility are pretty blurry right now. That’s leaving store owners open to scary and sometimes life-changing lawsuits if their sites are deemed inaccessible. You can help avoid that with AccessiBe. 
  • Across-The-Board Compliance: AccessiBe will ensure ADA, WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and EN 301549 compliance. That means you’ll be up to scratch with all sets of available accessibility guidelines.
  • Set It and Forget It: 48 hours after installing the code, your site will automatically be scanned and updated, with resanning done every 24 hours.
  • Contextual Understanding: The AI used by AccessiBe not only scans your site, but understands the importance and context of the site elements. That means the users accessing your site with the help of AccessiBe can get the most out of the content.
  • ALT Text Generation: If you’re missing the alternative (ALT) text from your site images, AccessiBe can scan and “read” the images for you. The system will process the information to produce ALT text for your images. When users access your site with screen readers, they won’t miss out on your visual content.
  • Machine Learning: Getting more and more accurate with every installation, the system uses machine learning to continuously improve its features. The more the system is used, the better it gets. 
  • Customize to Match Your Brand: Edit the colors, sizes, shapes, icon, and position of the app so it blends seamlessly with your site and is cohesive with your brand.
  • Platform Compatibility:  Installation via a single line of code or a plugin install means the app can be quickly and easily integrated across a huge variety of site platforms.

How Does It Work?

AccessiBe has a simple flow to get up and running on your site:

  1. Place the Code: Install a single line of javascript code onto your site. The Glendale team is happy to help with that.
  2. Interface Launches:  Just like that, the AccessiBe interface launches on your site!
  3. Time to Scan: The app will scan and analyze your website, leaving no stone unturned. The systems advanced AI will make sure it runs your site against 4 different sets of compliance guidelines so your bases are covered.
  4. Compliance: In just 48 hours, the AI system will have finished scanning and your site is compliant!
  5. Stay Covered: Your site will be scanned every 24 hours to ensure nothing new has jeopardized your compliance. 

Users visiting your site will now be able to use AccessiBe interface to make individualized adjustments to the way they access your website, according to their needs. Through the interface, you can adjust font size and style, colors and contrast, image size and animations, and more! 

A new world of accessibility will open up for your site visitors, meaning that missing 15% of the market can now come knocking on your door. Not to mention you will be avoiding expensive and stressful litigation. And you can do it all without making design or development changes to your website.

Once you’ve decided that AccessiBe is for you, contact us and we can help you get set up!

A word from our partner:

"Glendale Designs has been not only an invaluable partner of ours from a business growth standpoint but from a place of friendship as well. Glendale's level of perfection and care that goes into each and every project are not easily found. I appreciated every single interaction and project that we have worked on, I am certain future cases will stay the same as long as Sabine and her team are holding the wheel."

- Eli Freedman, Senior Partner Success Manager, AccessiBe